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2016 Trade Show Hours
Wednesday, Nov. 30, 1-5 p.m.
Thursday, Dec. 1, 9 a.m.-5 p.m.
Friday, Dec. 2, 9 a.m.-5 p.m.

This year's trade show is now sold out.

Call our office to be placed on a waitlist or to reach the Acres U.S.A. audience through print advertising ─ 512-892-4400

Exhibitor setup: Wednesday, Nov. 30, 8 a.m.-1 p.m. | Teardown: Friday, Dec. 2, after 5 p.m.

Don’t overlook the trade show at the Acres U.S.A. Conference as a resource of tremendous value. Gathered in one place are all of the leading input suppliers for modern, ecological farming. Most innovation in ecological agriculture has come from the small businesses offering materials for eco-farmers. Accordingly, the knowledge of these industry innovators is nothing short of astounding. Be sure to allocate adequate time to pick the brains of these suppliers.

Acadian Plant Health
Advanced Biological Concepts
Ag Environmental Management
Agri-Dynamics, Inc.
Agri Energy Resources
All Star Trading
Azomite Mineral Products, Inc.
Back Forty Creative
BioNatural Blooming Blossoms
Black Earth Humic
Blue River Hybrids
Bluestem Farm Supply, LLC
Callicrate Banders
Creative Cuisine Catering
Crop Services International
DeDell Seeds
Dramm Corporation
Envirokure, Inc.
Environotics Unlimited
Erath Earth, Inc.
Farm and Ranch Freedom Alliance
Field Farms Marketing, Ltd.
Forest Agriculture Enterprises, LLC
Full Sircle Products
Grassfarmer Supply
Greater Earth Organics
Great Harvest Organics
Great Lakes Organic Feed Mill (Herbrucks)
Growth Products, Ltd.
Guy Machinery
Heads Up Plant Protectants, Inc.
High Mowing Organic Seeds
Humic Products Trade Association
International Ag Labs
Josephine Porter Institute for Applied Bio-Dynamics, Inc.
Kinsey Agricultural Services, Inc.
Lancaster Agricultural Products
Logan Labs, LLC
Midwest Bio-Systems
Midwestern BioAg, Inc.
Midwest Laboratories, Inc.
Nature Safe Fertilizers
Neptune's Harvest Fertilizer
Ocean Organics Corp.
OCIA International
Ohio Earth Food
OMRI (Organic Materials Review Inst.)
Organic Gem/Great Western Sales
Perma-Guard, Inc.
Pike Agri-Lab Supplies
ProActive Agriculture
Redmond Minerals, Inc.
River Hills Harvest
Roberts Seed, Inc.
Rodale Institute
SeaAgri, Inc.
Soil Works, LLC
Tainio Biologicals, Inc.
Terra Biotics
Terra Char
Texas Plant and Soil Lab
The Andersons
The Fertrell Company
Thorvin, Inc.
Western Environmental Services
Young Living
Zimmerman's High Tunnels