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2016 Eco-Ag U ─ Soil Health & Organic Production

Jeff Moyer & Dr. Emmanuel Omondi

1 day, Wednesday, Nov. 30, 2016 ─ open to All-Access and Conference-Plus registrants
Badge pickup at 8 a.m. Class begins promptly at 8:30 a.m.

Join longtime organic farmer and executive director of Rodale Institute, Jeff Moyer, along with Dr. Emmanuel Omondi, manager of the famed multi-decade Farming Systems Trial, comparing organic and conventional grain cropping systems. They both are authoritative on organic no-till systems, residue management, cover crop options, crop spacing, and weed tolerance and density dynamics; all of which can be combined to enhance the health of the soil, manage weeds, improve yields and encourage adoption of organic farming.

From cover crops and no-till to compost and legume rotations, the concept of improving soil health is the foundation of all of ecological agriculture. While there is no standard definition of soil health, there are a few clear indicators of a healthy soil community, many of which have informed organic farming practices. Organic growers rely on the surrounding soil and ecosystem biology to support their crops rather than the chemistry of pesticide, herbicide and fertilizer companies. In the past decade there has been more and more interest in identifying and understanding all the microorganisms essential to plant life and how they affect the growth of agricultural crops. There is still much to be discovered in regards to what makes healthy soil, which is why we continue to explore ways to create the ideal soil conditions for growing good food.

In this all-day seminar these two soil-health pros will share the state of the art of building and maintaining soil health and the benefits you will experience, in particular in the practice of organiculture.

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Jeff Moyer discusses "Terminating Cover Crops for Maximum Effect."
Learn more about Jeff Moyer's book, Organic No-Till Farming.
About Rodale Institute.

About the Presenters

Jeff MoyerJeff Moyer is a world-renowned authority in organic agriculture. His expertise includes organic crop production systems with a focus on weed management, cover crops, crop rotations, equipment modification and use, and facilities design. Jeff is perhaps most well-known for conceptualizing and popularizing the no-till roller crimper for use in organic agriculture. In 2011, he wrote the book Organic No-Till Farming, a publication that has become a resource for farmers throughout the world.

Jeff brings a farmer’s perspective and approach to issues in organic agriculture. He is a past chair of the National Organic Standards Board, a founding board member of Pennsylvania Certified Organic, the chairman of the board of directors of The Seed Farm, part of the Green America Non-GMO Working Group, a project member of The Noble Foundation’s Soil Renaissance project, and a board member of PA Farm Link. In September 2015, Jeff was appointed executive cirector of Rodale Institute after spending the last four decades at the Institute, helping countless farmers make the transition from conventional, chemical-based farming to organic methods.

Dr. Emmanuel OmondiDr. Emmanuel Omondi manages all research activities of the Rodale Institute Farming Systems Trial, comparing organic and conventional grain cropping systems, now in its 36th year of continuous side-by-side conventional-organic comparison. He also evaluates residue management, cover crop options, crop spacing, and weed tolerance and density dynamics combined with reduced tillage practices that can help in managing weeds, enhancing soil quality, improving yields, and encourage adoption of organic farming.

Dr. Omondi grew up on a farm in Kenya and has been involved in sustainable agriculture work since 1992. He has 15 years’ experience as executive director for a sustainable agriculture associate degree equivalent training institution in Kenya, as well as four years as research associate and Project Manager for a USAID funded, University of Wyoming-led, conservation agriculture research project in East Africa. He holds a bachelor's degree in general agriculture from the University of Nairobi, Kenya, and masters and doctoral degrees in agronomy from the University of Wyoming.

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