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Food Plague

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Arden Andersen
This book gives the consumer and the physician the basic facts about food quality, nutrient value and genetic engineering. Food Plague additionally covers many peripheral topics regarding food quality including farm raised fish, A1 v. A2 milk, grass-fed beef and dairy, pesticides, antibiotics and endocrine disruptors, organic versus not organic and many other issues critical for informed consumers.
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Consumers hold the ultimate power by how they spend their dollars at the grocery store. As consumers become better informed, they demand better foods higher in nutrition, free of pesticides and genetically modified components. This improved demand forces producers to eventually supply what the consumer is demanding. The increase in CSAs, farmers’ markets and Whole Foods stores is a testament to the purchasing power of the consumer. Sadly, modern farming practice has converted food production into a cesspool of poison and genetically engineered “franken-foods” scientifically proven to cause human suffering including cancer, bowel, liver and kidney disease, infertility environmental pollution and resistant strains of infections, weeds and insect pests. From A1 milk to farm-raised fish, artificial hormones to antibiotics and pesticides in the feed, “modern farming” has created the Food Plague. Copyright 2013, softcover, 294 pages.


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