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From Calf to Heifer

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Berrie Klein-Swormink and Jan Hulsen
From Calf to Heifer covers the basics of successful rearing, shows you how to control risks and helps you to structure your work so that each calf automatically receives the best treatment. Part of the Dutch Signals series
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From Calf to Heifer takes the reader through the basics of successful rearing and how to control risks. It helps to show how to structure the rearing process so that each calf automatically receives the best treatment. This book is clearly written and full of sensible tips on how to improve the rearing of calves and yearlings. Numerous photographs and Marleen Felius’ splendid drawings make this informative handbook practical and user-friendly. Rearing calves into heifers is a major investment in terms of money and labor; your dual aims are to turn your heifer into a strong, productive dairy cow and to use labor, housing and feed efficiently. From the Netherlands, copyright 2006, softcover, 40 pages.