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Herbs: The Complete Gardener's Guide

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Patrick Lima & Turid Forsyth
Gorgeously photographed in color, with full-page and double-page closeups throughout, this is a beautiful and browsable guide to gardening with herbs.
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Turid Forsyth's photographs and watercolor illustrations capture all the beauty and detail of these fascinating and practical plants, and Patrick Lima's highly entertaining text is chock-full of clear information, helpful advice and wry anecdotes.

The book covers:

Selecting and growing herbs
Perennial kitchen herbs, such as horseradish, oregano, bay leaf and rosemary
Annual and biennial kitchen herbs, such as basil, chili peppers and parsley
Varieties of thyme
Varieties of sage
Seeds and sprouts, including anise, caraway, coriander and cumin
Alliums, including chives, leeks, onions, garlic and shallots
Leafy herbs, such as arugula and watercress
Herbs for blending and brewing, such as mint, chamomile and bergamot
Fragrant herbs, such as old roses and lavender
Gathering wild herbs
Special sections outline how to use herbs to add color to flowerbeds and how to propagate, preserve and grow herbs indoors. The book concludes with 16 delicious recipes that make the most of fresh herbs.

This beautiful book combines the wisdom of two longtime gardeners, creating a comprehensive reference that any gardener will enjoy and use regularly.

Copyright 2001, softcover 222 pages


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