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Manage Insects On Your Farm

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Miguel A. Altieri and Clara Nichols
This book emphasizes ecological pest management that minimizes insect damage, promotes the use of "good bugs," and creates vigorous soils and plants by increasing biodiversity, enhancing the natural defenses of your flora, and attracting helpful insects.
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While every farming system is unique, the principles of ecological pest management apply universally. Manage Insects on Your Farm highlights ecological strategies that improve your farm's natural defenses and encourage beneficial insects to attack your worst pests. Learn about the principles of ecologically based pest management and the strategies of farmers around the world to address insect problems. Minimize insect damage with wise soil management and identify beneficial insects to put these "good bugs" to work for you. Examples of successful pest management strategies sprinkled throughout the book will stimulate your imagination to address insect problems and develop a more complex, more diverse ecosystem on your farm.

Copyright 2005, softcover, 128 pages


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