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Robotic Milking

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Jan Hulsen and Jack Rodenburg
Robotic Milking is a book about managing robotic dairy farms full of practical information, management information and ideas. Part of the Dutch Signals series
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The success of robotic milking is based on the cows in the barn. This concerns housing, feed, care and working with the animals. The first task of the robot farmer is to leave the cows in peace. They must be healthy, they must enjoy eating concentrate and they must go easily to the robot to be milked. No more is required, but certainly no less. The second challenge for the dairy farmer who is starting robotic milking is organizing the work. There are few tasks that take place at fixed times, but the farmer still has to have daily work lists. And he relies heavily on information that is provided by the computer. Prevention and thinking ahead are crucial. “Good enough” does not work; only “excellent” is acceptable. From the Netherlands, copyright 2012, softcover, 52 pages.