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The Biggle Bee Book

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Jacob Biggle
Written not only for the professional beekeeper but also for the backyard farmer, and anyone interested in rural life, self-sufficiency, and farming techniques of the past, this book is an essential addition to the home library.
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Subtitle: A Swarm of Facts on Practical Beekeeping, Carefully Hived

"As long as I can remember, even as a boy, there were bees kept on our farm," writes Jacob Biggle in his preface. "If for no other reason than to insure the proper fertilization of fruit and other blossoms, every farmer, fruit grower, or gardener should keep a few bees upon his grounds," and indeed, his 50 colonies of bees, though requiring just a small part of his time, paid him a larger return than any other animal on his farm. If there are any secrets to the art of beekeeping, Biggle does his best to explain them all in this delightful little volume, including how to care for bees through the winter, the marketing and selling of wax and honey products, what bee-friendly plants to raise in the garden, and how to introduce a new queen to the hive. First published at the turn of the 20th century and prized ever since for their practical tips and sage advice, Jacob and Harriet Biggle's well-illustrated books are classics of farm literature. Their humane instructions and warmly amusing maxims are timeless—particularly for those who have decided to start their own small farms.

Copyright 2013, hardcover, 136 pages


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