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The Biggle Poultry Book

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Jacob Biggle
First published in 1895, and now reprinted for the contemporary reader, this volume offers concise and practical advice for raising poultry with pleasure and profit. While at once a piece of ephemera, it is also a classic text that celebrates the presence of poultry on farms and offers timeless information of proper poultry management.
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Subtitle: A Concise and Practical Treatise on the Management of Farm Poultry

When Jacob Biggle first published his book on the management of poultry in 1895, there were more than 300 million chickens and 30 million other domesticated fowl in the United States. Today, the trend continues with thousands if not millions of chickens and other fowl being raised in suburban and urban backyards across America. Biggle’s aim was to “help farmers and villagers conduct the poultry business with pleasure and profit.” To that end, this handy little volume contains all the information the reader needs to know, such as:

  • The various breeds of chickens, turkeys, guinea fowl, ducks, geese, and pigeons
  • The most common diseases and enemies that threaten our feathered friends
  • Raising hens expressly for eggs rather than meat
  • The farmer’s flock versus the village hennery
  • The art of hatching eggs and caring for chicks

Written for the practical farmer who raises poultry and eggs for market,The Biggle Poultry Book will also appeal to collectors of farm ephemera and anyone else who is nostalgic for a simpler way of doing things. Illustrated with sixteen color plates by Louis P. Graham, and hundreds of black-and-white photographs and illustrations throughout, The Biggle Poultry Book is as beautiful as it is useful and a treasure for the home library.

Copyright 2013, hardcover, 162 pages


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