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The Biggle Swine Book

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Jacob Biggle
The Biggle Swine Book captures the moment in American history when home animal husbandry was giving way to more industrialized meat production. Jacob Biggle offered guidance to the small-scale farmer on all manner of livestock issues, centered around the proper breeding, feeding, and caring of pigs.
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Subtitle: Much Old and More New Hog Knowledge, Arranged in Alternate Streaks of Fat and Lean

When Jacob Biggle first published this book in 1898, hog husbandry was undergoing major changes. New feeding methods had come into vogue, new breeds of hogs had been developed, significant progress had been made in curbing swine-borne epidemics, and even the public perception of pigs as filthy creatures had brightened. Pigs were accorded a modicum of respect. The Biggle Swine Book captures this moment before home animal husbandry gave way to industrialized meat production, and Biggle describes what to do at farrowing time, constructing the piggery and sty, butchering and curing meats, and protecting your animals from various pig ailments. First published at the turn of the 20th century and prized ever since for their practical tips and sage advice, Jacob and Harriet Biggle's well-illustrated books are classics of farm literature. Their humane instructions and warmly amusing maxims are timeless, particularly for those who have decided to start their own small farms.

Copyright 2013, hardcover, 146 pages


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