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The Vegetable Growers Handbook

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Frank Tozer
Charles Dowding draws upon over 25 years of growing vegetables and salads organically (and commercially) to reveal the secrets to growing productive and healthy salad leaf crops in any space from window box to allotment size. 
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This highly practical book contains all the information you need to successfully grow more than 50 common vegetables. There are specific step-by-step instructions for each crop: soil requirements, variety selection, raising transplants, direct sowing, protection, harvesting, seed saving, and storage. After telling you what to do, Tozer also tells you why, explaining in detail how crops grow. A book with imagination, it also discusses many unusual crops, culinary herbs, and goes on to look at edible flowers, enhanced nutrition foods, additional uses for common crops, and even how to use common edible wild plants and garden weeds. This book is the companion to Tozer's The Organic Gardeners Handbook.
Copyright 2013, softcover, 216 pages.