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Water for Every Farm

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P.A. Yeomans
From Australia, one of the driest land masses in the world. Comes this guide to water conservation and its practical application, detailing the principles, techniques and systems for the sustainable development of rural and urban landscapes
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Keyline methods enable the rapid development of deep biologically fertile soil by converting subsoil into living topsoil. Keyline pattern cultivation enables the rapid flood irrigation of undulating land without terracing. Incidental results are the healing of soil erosion, bio-adsorption of salinity and the long term storage of atmospheric carbon in the soil as humus. The Keyline Scale of Permanence provides a priority guide to planning the various factors of broad scale development. This is a recommended text for Permaculture students. It includes updated selections and information; from P.A. Yeomans's books:- The Keyline Plan (1954); The Challenge of Landscape (1958); (Water for Every Farm (1964 and 2nd edition 1968) and The City Forest (1971). Copyright 2008, softcover, 366 pages