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2016 Acres U.S.A. Conference ─ Eco-Ag U Overview


This Year's Conference Timeline, Tuesday-Friday, Nov. 29-Dec. 2, 2016

2016 Acres U.S.A. Conference

These intensive pre-conference seminars allow you to dig deeper into the core technologies of eco-agriculture and to ask questions pertinent to your own operation.

Badge pickup at 8 a.m. Classes begin promptly at 8:30 a.m. and end about 5 p.m.

Two ways to take part in Eco-Ag U . . .

All-Access Conference Registration    Take part in the entire Acres U.S.A. Conference PLUS choose 2 all-day pre-conference intensive sessions, 1 on Tuesday and 1 on Wednesday. $575 (pre-registration only)

Conference-Plus Registration    Attend the Acres U.S.A. Conference PLUS choose any 1 single-day pre-conference intensive session, Tuesday or Wednesday. $450 (pre-registration only)

Already registered at Conference or Conference-Plus level and want to add an Eco-Ag U session? No problem! Call our office to upgrade your registration paying only the difference between levels ─ 1-800-355-5313.

TUESDAY, Nov. 29

Boots in the Dirt — Experience-Based Agronomy

Glen Rabenberg
Making an ecological farming system consistently produce in varying field and weather conditions demands a skillset – and tricks of the trade – of an experience advisor. In the practical session farmer/consultant Glen Rabenberg will teach how to integrate the key tools available to eco-farmers – mineral balancing, foliar feeding, biological, energetic, and more – to build a program that works for your farm.

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Micronutrient/Trace Element Soil Fertility

Neal Kinsey
Soil fertility consultant Neal Kinsey will discuss micronutrients and trace elements in a farm fertility program. The all-day session will focus specifically on micronutrients (trace elements), jumping beyond the major players of soil fertility ─ calcium, nitrogen, sulfur, phosphate, potassium, sodium, composts and manure ─ and focusing on them only as required for utilization of key trace elements by the plants.

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No-Risk Transition to Organic — Agronomy & Cropping

Gary Zimmer, Bob Yanda & Leilani Zimmer-Durand
Converting a large farm to certified organic production does not have to be risky or unprofitable. Learn from these eco-ag masters how to successfully join in the booming organic marketplace through conversion to certified organic growing of major crops. Real-world agronomy developed and proven over decades.

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Mineral Nutrition & Plant Disease

Prof. Don Huber
Take advantage of this rare opportunity to spend a day learning from this legendary researcher/professor. He will discuss six principles to controlling disease through crop nutrition, specifically nutrient/micronutrient interactions. He will explain the importance of: Plant efficiency; Nutrient availability; Plant sufficiency levels; Application method & timing; Nutrient sources & associated elements; and Integration with other management practices.

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Natural-Organic System — Crops & Landscapes

Howard Garrett
Take part in this special opportunity to learn from multi-decade Texas-based organic icon Howard Garrett. Howard has converted some of the country’s largest corporations’ landscapes to organic management and has authored multiple books on organic landscape, gardening, and pest control.

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Soil Health & Organic Production

Jeff Moyer & Dr. Emmanuel Omondi
Join longtime organic farmer and executive director of Rodale Institute, Jeff Moyer, along with Dr. Emmanuel Omondi, manager of the famed multi-decade Farming Systems Trial, comparing organic and conventional grain cropping systems. They both are authoritative on organic no-till systems, residue management, cover crop options, crop spacing, and weed tolerance and density dynamics combined with reduced tillage practices that can help in managing weeds, enhancing soil quality, improving yields, and encourage adoption of organic farming.

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No-Risk Transition to Organic — Certification, Management & Marketing

Gary Zimmer & Grace Gershuny
There is more to successful organic farming than production. In this followup day Gary Zimmer, joined by Grace Gershuny, a true organic elder as well as farmer/inspector, will reveal the management, business and regulatory side of profitable, successful large-scale organic production.

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Building Soil Through Cover Crops & Livestock

Gabe Brown
Session nearly full. Call for availability.
Gabe Brown has shown that a large-scale, commercially viable farm can also make stunning improvements in soil health and soil carbon. Learn his real-world methods which utilize mob grazing, diverse cover crop plantings and more. This is a special opportunity to lean how to improve your farm’s productivity and resilience, and bottom line, effectively on a large scale.

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Applying “Lean Management” to Your Farm

Ben Hartman
There’s farming to make a living and there’s having a life while farming. Indiana farmer Ben Hartman will share the lessons he’s taken from a career in corporate management to the farm. Learn specific structural, organizing and management techniques to gain efficiency, manage smarter and work less in your farming.

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Recapturing Your Health Seminar

Dr. Arden Andersen
Before Arden Andersen became a doctor treating human health he was a leading eco-ag consultant coaching large-scale growers worldwide on growing high-Brix, nutrient-dense, pest- and disease-resistant crops. He understands both the cause of disease and the latest conventional and natural treatments. A rare opportunity to help your own health from Dr. Andersen.

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 * Eco-Ag U sessions by pre-registration only. Sessions will almost certainly fill early. Select which session(s) you wish to attend on registration and we will reserve your seat. Swapping sessions by permission only before start of conference.

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