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2016 Eco-Ag U ─ Experience-Based Agronomy

Glen Rabenberg

1 day, Tuesday, Nov. 29, 2016 ─ open to All-Access and Conference-Plus registrants
Badge pickup at 8 a.m. Class begins promptly at 8:30 a.m.

Making an ecological farming system consistently produce in varying field and weather conditions demands a skillset – and tricks of the trade – of an experience advisor. In the practical session farmer/consultant Glen Rabenberg will teach how to integrate the key tools available to eco-farmers – mineral balancing, foliar feeding, biological, energetic, and more – to build a program that works for your farm.

This course will take you beyond the classroom and into the real world where you will learn the rest of the story. Based on years of experience-based and traditional agronomy, this course will focus on the interrelationships that allow the soil, plant, animal, and human systems to co-exist.

Course topics include:

• What is balanced soil and how to obtain it?
• How to build nutrient-dense, high-quality, high-profit crops with simple tools and sound advice.
• How to grow and identify high quality food better than your neighbor.
• How to decrease your inputs and increase your profitability.

The course will not be taught from a textbook, but from boots in the dirt experience taking you into the field and out of the classroom.

About the Presenter

Glen Rabenberg Glen Rabenberg is president and CEO of Soil Works LLC. He was raised in Bancroft, South Dakota, where he maintains his third-generation family farm. He holds degrees in animal science, general agriculture and agriculture economics. After graduating from college, Rabenberg worked in the animal pharmaceutical business, where he learned that many of the diseases he saw were the result of nutrient-poor grain and forage that the animals were consuming. The conventional system of “reacting to the symptoms instead of correcting the cause” led Rabenberg to extensive research of soil, and the production of Genesis Soil Rite Calcium. Genesis Soil Rite Calcium is currently sold throughout the U.S., and internationally. Rabenberg has spent years extensively researching soil and plant nutrition. Combined with additional information learned from William Albrecht, Dr. Carey Reams, Dr. Millhouse and many other contributors, Rabenberg aims to “bring soil back to the way nature intended.”

Cancellation Policy

No refunds. We will issue an 80% credit for cancellations received through Friday, November 11, 2016 to be applied to Acres U.S.A. subscriptions, books and videos, audio CDs or future conference fees. Your registration can be transferred to someone else’s name if you cannot attend; please contact our office. If attendance is uncertain, play it safe and wait to register or, for the main conference, register on-site. Sorry, no cash or credit card refunds.

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