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2022 Eco-Ag Conference Speaker Spotlight: Mark Shepard

Come share a room with some of the most innovative thought leaders in the regenerative ag space at the the 2022 Eco-Ag Conference & Trade Show!

Choose from all-day in-depth Eco-Ag U workshops and various informative conference sessions this Dec. 5-8 in Covington, Kentucky. Register today!

Mark Shepard Teaches Water and Perennial Crops

Those who have attended Acres U.S.A. events before are likely well acquainted with Mark Shepard! Mark is an author, farmer and consultant with decades of experience. He is also the author of bestselling books Restoration Agriculture and Water for Any Farm. Mark will be teaching an all-day Eco-Ag U workshop as well as presenting a conference session. Sign up today!

Integrating Annual Crops into Perennial Systems – Eco-Ag U Workshop

Mark Shepard presenting Eco-Ag U workshop
Mark Shepard presenting his 2021 Eco-Ag U workshop.

Mark Shepard will teach you why grains and legumes are absolutely essential to create true food systems that are resilient to pest and pestilence. Learn why he still grows these crops despite counting on his perennial crops 100% for his business. Also, learn how Mark helps farmers mitigate other risks in today’s challenging world with his approach to perennial, well-rounded systems. Register today!

On-Farm Water Management – Conference session

Mark Shepard presents eco-ag conference session
Mark Shepard presenting his Eco-Ag Conference session at the 2021 event.

Learn techniques around how to channel water through high-fertility areas, store water through smart land management, or drain water properly without losing valuable topsoil. You will walk away with specific tactics you can employ immediately to store or drain water from your land. Register today!