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4 Ways to Learn from Gary Zimmer in 2022

Do you know Gary Zimmer? If so – you have an idea of the breadth of knowledge and enthusiasm Gary has for soil health and regenerative farming. If not – you’re about to meet someone fantastic!

Gary Zimmer is founder and Chief Visionary Officer of Midwestern BioAg. Known as the “father” of biological agriculture, Zimmer is an internationally recognized author, speaker, and consultant. He owns Otter Creek Organic Farm, a family-operated, award-winning 1,000 acre farm near Lone Rock, Wisconsin, and has been on the board of Taliesin Preservation Inc. since 2011.

Interested in learning about soil health and regenerative farming tactics from the father of biological farming? Here are 4 ways you can do so:

1 – Walk his fields at the On-Farm Intensive with Zimmer Ag

It’s a unique privilege to walk the fields at the Otter Creek Organic Farm side by side with Zimmer and his daughter Leilani Zimmer Durand. The On-Farm Intensive with Zimmer Ag is a two-day event – held Aug. 22-23, 2022 – and will be filled with high quality in-depth information on regenerative farming.

On-farm intensive attendees in field
Attendees of the 2021 On-Farm Intensive with Zimmer Ag visit a blueberry field on Otter Creek Organic Farm with Gary Zimmer.

Topics of presentations include:

  • Soil Biology
  • Cover Crops
  • Carbon-Smart Farming
  • Perennial Crops
  • Strategies for Transitioniong to Regenerative
  • and more!

There’s still time to join the 2022 On-Farm Intensive – sign up here or visit for more information.

2 – Buy his books (during the August Book Sale!)

You’re in luck! We’re right in the middle of the August “Healthy Soils” Book Sale at the Acres U.S.A. Bookstore. That means you can find deep discounts on books of all types related to farming, including two written by Gary and Leilani.

  • The Biological Farmer (Second Edition) – This practical how-to guide explains their methods and will help you make farming profitable and fun. Biological farming does not mean less production; it means eliminating obstacles to healthy, efficient production.
  • Advancing Biological Farming – This book offers invaluable scientific support for committed organic farmers as well as conventional farmers who’d like to reduce chemical inputs and use natural processes to their advantage. Advancing Biological Farming updates and expands upon Gary Zimmer’s classic, The Biological Farmer
  • Buy both and save with the Biological Farmer / Advancing Biological Farming combo.

3 – Read his free articles

While we highly recommend subscribing to the Acres U.S.A. monthly magazine – filled with in-depth articles by Gary and other important leaders in the regenerative ag field – you can find past articles for free on our website. A few of the most popular articles written by Gary include:

4 – Take his on-demand Eco-Ag U Online courses

Gary Zimmer is a popular instructor at our Eco-Ag U Online learning center. Options to learn from Gary include a short course on soil testing and a longer overview of biological farming. The short course can also add toward the longer course should you choose to take it later.

On-demand Eco-Ag U Online courses are entirely virtual, meaning you can start and stop as needed and even learn on the go! Check out our full catalogue of courses at

5 – BONUS! Connect with Gary and other experts at the Eco-Ag Conference

December is one of the best times of the year at Acres U.S.A. because it is time for our annual Eco-Ag Conference & Trade Show. Each year hundreds of farmers, ranchers and industry professionals come to the event where we set the standard for for innovative and practical learning in modern agriculture.

Gary Zimmer will once again be one of our expert conference speakers! He joins the ranks of other professionals including Rick Clark, John Kempf, Dr. Nasha Winters, Dr. Kris Nichols, Reginaldo Haslett-Marroquin, Vail Dixon, and more!

Learn more about the Eco-Ag Conference & Trade Show – taking place for its 47th year on Dec. 5-8, 2022, in Covington, KY – at

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