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The Grow System

This book provides a comprehensive strategy for producing healthy food and herbal medicine at home, and reclaiming the skills our ancestors used every day. It helps connect us to the environment and empowers us to lead healthier lives, without relying on big systems that are out of our control and insecure. It offers a path to a rich, reliable, and deeply satisfying life.

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Runt, Buck, & Coco and the Goatman

The adventures of RUNT, BUCK, & COCO are stories about triplet boys from the south who grew up in a much different time. In this adventure, they encounter the mysterious Goatman. 

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Drawing on hard science and real practical experience gained from thirty years of tree growing on his own farm, Rowan shows how planting, managing and harvesting trees can lock up atmospheric carbon, control soil erosion, improve water quality, increase agriculture production and enhance biodiversity.

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Animal, Vegetable, Junk

Trusted food authority Mark Bittman offers a panoramic view of how the frenzy for food has driven human history to some of its most catastrophic moments, from slavery and colonialism to famine and genocide—and to our current moment, wherein Big Food exacerbates climate change, plunders our planet, and sickens its people. 

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The Monsanto Papers

The Monsanto Papers is the inside story of Lee Johnson’s landmark lawsuit against Monsanto. For Lee, the case was a race against the clock, with doctors predicting he wouldn’t survive long enough to take the witness stand.

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We Are Each Other’s Harvest

We Are Each Other’s Harvest elevates the voices and stories of black farmers and people of color, celebrating their perseverance and resilience, while spotlighting the challenges they continue to face. Luminous and eye-opening, this eclectic collection helps people and communities of color today reimagine what it means to be dedicated to the soil.

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The Edible Ecosystem Solution

This comprehensive, practical guidebook looks at underutilized spaces to reveal the many opportunities for landscape transformation that are both far-reaching and immediately beneficial.

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The Compost Toilet Handbook

From the author of The Humanure Handbook, an expert guide to compost toilets you can build yourself. This illustrated instructional manual explains how to make, use, and manage compost toilets, which are waste-free toilets that rely on the biological process of composting to recycle toilet material.

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