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Albrecht Papers Vol. 1-8 + Video

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William A. Albrecht, PH.D.
All 8 volumes of The Albrecht Papers plus DVD.
Item # S160-ALL
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Albrecht Papers Vol. 1-8 + Video

Regular Price: $260.00

Special Price $190.00

Albrecht Papers Vol. 1-8 + Video PAL

Regular Price: $260.00

Special Price $190.00

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Save $70 on this special package of all 8 volumes

Albrecht's Foundation Concepts (Vol. I),

Soil Fertility & Animal Health (Vol. II),

Albrecht's Hidden Lessons (Vol. III),

Albrecht's Enduring Vision (Vol. IV),

Albrecht on Calcium (Vol. V),

Albrecht on Pastures (Vol. VI),

Albrecht on Soil Balancing (Vol. VII),

Soil Fertility & Human and Animal Health (Vol. VIII),

and a DVD of Albrecht's classic film The Other Side of the Fence.

$260 if purchased separately (sorry, no substitutions). DVD in NTSC format is for North America and DVD in PAL format is for most Europe, Australia, etc.;