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All 2006 Lecture & Workshop MP3s - St. Paul, MN

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All 2006 Lecture & Workshop MP3s - St. Paul, MN
Dec. 7-9, 2006
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All 2006 Lecture & Workshop MP3s - St. Paul, MN
Dec. 7-9, 2006

THURSDAY, December 7, 2006
Growing Nutrient-Dense Crops by Arden Andersen, DO, Ph.D.
Beyond Petro-Chemicals — A Game Plan for Chemical-Free Production by Graeme Sait
Why Every Grass Farmer Needs to Consider Baseline Soil Fertility by Neal Kinsey
Four Eco-Farming Fundamentals that are Costing You Money by Bob Yanda
Accelerating the System by Gary Zimmer
Farming in the Year 2020 by Bruce Tainio
Then, Today & Tomorrow by Charles Walters
Keynote: Lifelong Health, Nutrient-Dense Foods, & the Historic Research of Dr. Weston A. Price by Dr. David Getoff

FRIDAY, December 8, 2006
Microbial Brews & Concoctions: Growing Your Own Beneficial Microorganisms to Boost Soil Fertility & Enhance Pest Control by Steve Diver
Minerals for the Genetic Code — Implications for Human & Livestock Health by Richard Olree, D.C.
Getting Your Hormones Back on Track by Dr. Sherrill Sellman
Integrating Livestock into the Farm, Vineyard, Garden or Orchard — an Introduction to Perennial Polyculture by Sarah Flack
Local Food & Its Effect on Health & Market Forces by Joe Scrimger
Putting “Sea Energy Agriculture” to Work on Your Farm by Bob Cain
Managing Soil Microorganisms to Improve the Productivity of Agro-Ecosystems by Jerzy Nowak, Ph.D.
The Effects of Irrigation Water on Soil Fertility by Bill Brush
Building Composts with Optimum Crop Nutrients by Paul Hepperly, Ph.D.
The Medicine’s in the Soil — Remedial Alternatives to Pharmaceuticals by Jerry Brunetti
Large-Scale Compost Tea Production & Application by Sabino Cortez
Keynote: Don’t Put That in Your Mouth — Why You Should Avoid Genetically Engineered Foods by Jeffrey Smith

SATURDAY, December 9, 2006
Honor-System Marketing — Profiting from the Better Side of Human Nature by Jeff McPherson
Economic Report of the Producers — Raw Materials Economics in 2006 by Randy Cook & Charles Walters
Nutrient Dense Foods — the “Next” Thing in Food & Farming by Jon Frank
NAIS — The National Animal ID System & What it Means to Your Farm by Judith McGeary
Plant Nutrition in the Year 2020 by Bruce Tainio
Wal-Mart, China & the Future of Organic Farming in North America by Cissy Bowman
Transitioning to Organic — “Real-World Talk” by Cissy Bowman
Pasture — The Profit Maker by Will Winter, D.V.M.
Applying Precision Farming Methods to Albrecht-System Soil Fertility Management on a Large Scale by Aaron Woolard
Hormones & Your Health: Practical Solutions by Dr. Sherrill Sellman
Organic No-Till — Research Findings & Real-World Advice by Paul Hepperly, Ph.D.
Closing Keynote: Your Sacred Calling — Respect, Resilience & Recompense by Joel Salatin