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All 2007 Lecture & Workshop MP3s - Louisville, KY

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All 2007 Lecture & Workshop MP3s - Louisville, KY
Dec. 6-8, 2007
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All 2007 Lecture & Workshop MP3s - Louisville, KY
Dec. 6-8, 2007

THURSDAY, December 6, 2007
The Consumer Rules: Food Nutrient Density, Taste & Shelf Life by Arden Andersen
Changing U.S. Organic Farming Standards & Permitted Organic Materials by David DeCou
Nutrient Exchange & the Biological Farmer by Gary Zimmer
A Diversified Small Farm — How Tough, Southern Soil Sprang to Life by Malcolm Beck
The Raison d’Être of Plant Secondary Metabolites — Understanding the Cascade Effect of These Nutrients by Jerry Brunetti
Using Composted Liquid Manure for Soil & Foliar Plant Nutrient Applications by James Ladlie
Recovering the Values — Welcoming Remarks by Charles Walters
Keynote: The Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund: An Idea Whose Time Has Come by Sally Fallon

FRIDAY, December 7, 2007
Meet the Beetles by Mark Sturges
Plant Nutrient Interactions by Bruce Tainio
Teaming With Life: Working with the Soil Foodweb by Jeff Lowenfels
Weed Control — Cultural, Mechanical, Cultivation & Deeper by Klaas & Mary-Howell Martens
Moving Beyond Zero-Input Organic — Sophisticated Systems for Large-Scale Growers by Gerald Wiebe
National Organic Program — An Insider’s View by Mark Keating & Cissy Bowman
Soil Carbon: Increasing Crop Productivity, Water Use Efficiency & Farm Profitability by Andre Leu
Organic on the Edge — What You Need to Do to Protect Your Organic Premium by Bill Wolf
Developing a Holistic Farm System to Prevent Soil-Borne Disease by Bob Shaffer
Converting Cropland to a Grass-Based Finishing Farm by Karl Dallefeld
To Grow the Best: The Remarkable Potential Awaiting Farmers Who Accept the Challenge by Bob Cannard
Advanced Grazing — Fine Tuning Your Grazing System by Sarah Flack
Keynote: Farming for Profit and Quality of Life by John Ikerd

SATURDAY, December 8, 2007
A Successful Transition Formula by Howard Vlieger
Enhancing the Organic Veterinary Tools’ Performance by Balancing the Soil & High-Forage Diets by Paul Dettloff
Making Large-Scale Farms More Biological by Randy Thomas
A Dangerous Form of Malnutrition — Cattle, Weaning & Rumination by Gearld Fry
Paramagnetism — Gaining a Deeper Understanding of this Mysterious Force of Nature by Malcolm Beck
Exposing NAIS — the Devil IS in the Details by Bruno Schmidt
Defending His Rights — a Farmer Confronts NAIS by Greg Niewendorp
10 Things You Should Do to Prevent or Treat Cancer by Jerry Brunetti
How to Get Certified Organic by Cissy Bowman
Advanced Cover Cropping — Fine Tuning your System by Bob Shaffer
Closing Keynote: A Special Evening with Wendell Berry