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All 2008 Lecture & Workshop MP3s - St. Louis, MO

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All 2008 Lecture & Workshop MP3s ─ St. Louis, MO
December 4-6, 2008
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All 2008 Lecture & Workshop MP3s ─ St. Louis, MO
December 4-6, 2008

THURSDAY, December 4, 2008
Growing Foods That Make A Difference by Dr. Arden Andersen
Organic Agriculture Can Feed the World by Andre Leu
More Carbon! Twenty Years of Improving Soils on Large Family Farms by Dean Craine
A Truly Diversified Farm by Steffen Schneider
Two Limiting Factors of a Healthy Soil by Michael Martin Melendrez
Developing A Personal Relationship with Everything on the Farm by Jean-Paul Courtens
Keynote: Renewing America’s Food Traditions: Saving & Savoring the Continent’s Most Endangered Foods by Gary Paul Nabhan

FRIDAY, December 5, 2008
Using Cover Crops to Develop Disease-Suppressive Farming Soils by Bob Shaffer
Nutritional Wisdom of the Body by Dr. Fred Provenza
Ask the Plant — Using Leaf & Petiole Analysis to Determine Plant Nutrition Needs by Noel Garcia
Corpus Agrarius: Understanding the Futility of Organic Monoculture by Jerry Brunetti
Dealing with Excess Water & Flooding by Neal Kinsey
The Honeybee Crisis: Symptomatic For our Failure to Care for Nature by Gunther Hauk
Real-World CSA Management by Gena Nonini
Healthy Roots: Strategies for Growing a Strong Foundation by Dr. Joel Gruver
Stray Currents, a Primer for Livestock Producers by Dr. Paul Dettloff
To Till or Not to Till by Gary Zimmer
Minerals for the Tumor- Suppressing Genes by Dr. Richard Olree
A Beast of Muddy Brain by Charles Walters
Keynote: Health from the Soil Up: Britain’s Organic Pioneers — Prophets or Pipe-Dreamers by Roger Newman Turner

SATURDAY, December 6, 2008
The False Promise of Traceability in Our Food Supply by Judith McGeary
Reading Bovine Hair Coats by Dr. Paul Dettloff
Carbon Farming: Increasing Crop Productivity & Water Use Efficiency by Andre Leu
Opportunities in Rare & Minor Breeds by Kelly Klober
Certified Organic Production & Regulation Update by Mark Keating
Cows Eat Seed Heads, Pigs Eat Acorns by Joel Salatin
Biodynamic Composting: Demystifying the BD Preps by Gunther Hauk
Cows, Cancer & Consciousness by Jerry Brunetti
Closing Keynote: Taking Back Our Food: And If We Did, What Would Tomorrow Look Like? by Joel Salatin