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All 2010 Lecture & Workshop MP3s - Indianapolis, IN

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All 2010 Lecture & Workshop MP3s ─ Indianapolis, IN
December 9-11, 2010
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All 2010 Lecture & Workshop MP3s ─ Indianapolis, IN
December 9-11, 2010

Recordings include:
Advancing Biological Agriculture ─ Gary Zimmer
"Quality, Process & Management Control in Large-Scale Composting Operations" ─ Joseph Aschl
Converting Your Farm to a Perennial Agricultural Ecosystem ─ Mark Shepard
Discovering Your Farm's Limiting Factors ─ Bob Yanda
Exploring Biological Stimulants ─ Neal Kinsey
The Rainbow Effect: The Pot of Gold Hidden Beneath the Green of Chlorophyll ─ Jerry Brunetti
"Organic No-Till Farming — Advancing No-Till Agriculture: Crops, Soil, Equipment " ─ Jeff Moyer
Real Cows in a Parallel Universe ─ Shannon Hayes, Ph.D.
"Understanding Glyphosate, Glyphosate Resistance, and How to Plan Accordingly to Meet Nutrient Needs and Minimize Disease" ─ Don Huber, Ph.D.
Ranching Full-time on Three Hours a Day ─ Cody Holmes
Farming as if Your Lifestyle Depends on It ─ Kevin & Juli Brussell
"Readings from the Book Radical Homemakers, Followed by Q&A" ─ Shannon Hayes
Growing Energy on Your Farm ─ Heather Darby, Ph.D.
Habitat Enhancement for Biocontrol ─ Jan Dietrick
Profile of a Diversified No-Till Eco-Farm ─ Steve Groff
"Local, Direct-Marketed & Organic Foods: The Guerilla Marketing Advantage" ─ Mark Kastel
Food Quality & the Impending Public Health Crisis ─ Arden Andersen, Ph.D., D.O. Compost & Soil Organic Matter: Implications for Prevention of Soil-borne Disease ─ Bob Shaffer
Heirloom Grains Growers School ─ Jack Lazor & Heather Darby, Ph.D. Positive Activism ─ Judith McGeary
Biological Control in Greenhouses & Hoop Houses ─ Ron Whitehurst
Protecting What We Have Built: The Agribusiness Takeover of the Good Food Movement ─ Mark Kastel
Achieving Field Results in the Quest to Grow Nutrient-Dense Food ─ Glen Rabenberg
GMOs & Mammal Health ─ Howard Vlieger
Understanding Animal Behavior; Devising Humane Care & Handling ─ Temple Grandin, Ph.D.
Physiological Farming Practices — A Systems Approach ─ Adriaan Wiechers, D.Sc., Ph.D., DIC, D.Tech.
Prevention & Treatment Strategies for Cows ─ Hue Karreman, V.M.D.
"Nitrogen, Silica, Lime & the Biochemical Sequence" ─ Hugh Lovel
The President’s Cancer Panel: Implications for Organic Agriculture ─ Phil Wheeler, Ph.D.
Making Honor System Marketing Work for Your Farm ─ Jeff Mcpherson
Debunking Humates ─ Lawrence Mayhew
Small Farmers are the Key to Feeding the World ─ Andre Leu
Advanced Cover Cropping – Reaching the Next Level of Multi-faceted Performance ─ Bob Shaffer
The Fires Within — Inflammation as the Primary Basis for Modern Chronic Diseases ─ Jerry Brunetti
Exploring Windpower for Your Farm ─ Jack Lazor
"Slow Money: Investing Because Food, Farms and Fertility Matter" ─ Woody Tasch