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All 2011 Lecture & Workshop MP3s - Columbus, OH

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All 2011 Lecture & Workshop MP3s ─ Columbus, OH
December 8-10, 2011
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All 2011 Lecture & Workshop MP3s ─ Columbus, OH
December 8-10, 2011

THURSDAY, December 8, 2011
Achieving the Holy Grail of Crop Health: Plant Secondary Metabolites by Jerry Brunetti
Capturing Maximum Value from Diversity of Plant Species on Your Farm by Karl Dallefeld
Organic Inputs: Understanding the Compliance Process by Amber Lippert
Practical Lessons from a Biodynamic Journey by Gena Nonini
Improving Crop Quality Using Readily Available Tools by Glen Rabenberg
GMO Impacts on Organic Farmers by Ken Roseboro
Setting Effective Management Goals in Biological Farming — What Are You Managing For? by Gary Zimmer
Keynote: The Politics of Industrial vs. Ecological Agriculture by Francis Thicke

FRIDAY, December 9, 2011
Achieving Top Performance from Your Soil, Your Farm by Arden Andersen
Managing the Soil for Biological Fertility by Jill Clapperton
Navigating the Legal Minefield Awaiting Farmers & Direct Marketers by Gary Cox
Discovering Success in Large-Scale Eco-Farming Systems by Kent Friedrichsen
The Dark Side of Glyphosate & Glyphosate-Tolerant Crops by Don Huber
Tips on Mastering Animal Performance with Mob Grazing by Greg Judy
Countering the Ills of Industrial Agriculture by Neal Kinsey
Advanced Pastured Poultry Production by Jeff Mattocks
Science of Complex Carbons by Lawrence Mayhew
The Art of Balancing Soil Nutrients by William McKibben
Leveraging Your Farm — Customize, Nativize, Patronize by Joel Salatin
Confessions of an Albrecht Consultant by Joel Simmons
Trash to Treasure: Innovative Use of Organic Wastes on Farms Large or Small by Harvey Ussery
Keynote: Acres of Lunacy by Joel Salatin

SATURDAY, December 10, 2011
A Doctor’s Take on Soil, an Agronomist’s Take on Health by Arden Andersen
Diet, the Immune System & Cancer by Jerry Brunetti
Soil Biological Fertility — The Link to Mineral Nutrient-Dense Food, Grains & Forages by Jill Clapperton
Planting by the Biodynamic Calendars by Hugh Courtney
Finding Production & Profit on the Biodiverse Pasture by Karl Dallefeld
Redefining Tillage — Defining Moments Over a 27-Year Odyssey by Jim Martindale
Whole-Systems Poultry Husbandry by Harvey Ussery
Closing Keynote: Pottenger’s Prophecy — The Powerful Impact of Food on Epigenetics by Gray Graham