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All 2013 Lecture & Workshop MP3s - Springfield, IL

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2013 Acres U.S.A. Conference in Springfield, Illinois

December 12-14
Delivered on USB drive or two data CDs.

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All 2013 Lecture & Workshop MP3s - USB Drive
All 2013 Lecture & Workshop MP3s - Data Discs
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All Lecture and Workshop MP3s (excludes pre-conference)

Thursday, Dec. 12, 2013

Delivered on USB drive or two data CDs.

  • Efficient Eco-Farming Through a Systems Approach by Wally Gerst
  • Appreciating the Farm as an Ecosystem by Jerry Brunetti
  • Diversified Organic Production and the Modern, Large CSA by Mike & Terra Brownback
  • Large-Scale, Rapid Building of Soil with Cover Crops by Gabe Brown
  • Managing Water on Your Farm — the “American Keyline” Method by Mark Shepard
  • Improving Results for Farms & Ranches with Holistic Management by Ann Adams
  • Keynote:Growing a Good Food Movement: A Story of Hog Farming, Human Health & Alternatives by Russ Kremer

Friday, Dec. 13, 2013

  • A Story of Transformation: Moving from Conventional to Organic and Beyond by Mike Brownback
  • Biological Farmers Manage Minerals, Microbes & Carbon by Dean Craine
  • Biodynamic Pasture Management, and Beyond! by Peter Bacchus
  • Back to the Basics —A Unified Look at Holistic Animal Health by Richard "Doc" Holliday, D.V.M.
  • Managing Nutrition to Control Plant Disease by Don Huber, Ph.D.
  • Serengeti-Style Grazing for Maximum Production by Sabino Cortez
  • Mob Grazing = Explosion of Soil Life by Greg Judy
  • Biological Row Crop Farming — For a Better Bottom Line by Ken Musselman
  • Inoculating the Soil: Multiplying the Benefits of Compost by Mark Sturges
  • The Geology of Life by John Slack
  • Biological Farming Principles in Practice by Ben Adolph
  • Organic Success Story: Large-Scale Organic Edible Bean Farming by Jim Sattelberg
  • Beyond Chickens: Alternative Fowl for Diversified Farms by Kelly Klober
  • Local, Direct-Marketed & Organic Foods: The Guerilla Marketing Advantage by Mark Kastel
  • Old Thinking and Scientific “Truths”: New Farming Needs New Thinking Harnessing Local Knowledge by Maarten Stapper, Ag. Eng., Ph.D., FAIAST
  • Capturing Top Results for the Environment, Your Crops & Your Bottom Line with Biological Farming by Gary Zimmer
  • Crop Testing to Support In-Season Intervention by Noel Garcia, CCA
  • Keynote:Eating on the Wild Side by Jo Robinson

Saturday, Dec. 14, 2013

  • Soil Organic Matter Management for Farms of All Scale, All Crops by Larry Zibilske, Ph.D.
  • Failed Promises, Flawed Science — the Interaction of GMOs & Glyphosate on Soil, Plant, Animal, Human Health by Don Huber, Ph.D.
  • Becoming Central to Your Community by Dawnnell Holmes
  • Opportunities in Small-Scale Pig Farming by Kelly Klober
  • Managing Your “Undercover Agents” — Biological Control by Natural Enemies in Greenhouse and High Tunnels by Jan Dietrick & Ron Whitehurst
  • Life In (and On) the Soil by Jim Nardi, Ph.D.
  • Responding to Crop Needs Through Foliar Feeding by Wendell Owens
  • Effective Forest Grazing: Understanding Silvapasturing by Mark Shepard
  • The Conundrum of Lyme Disease by Jerry Brunetti
  • Closing Keynote:A Victim of Our Own Success: Protecting the Good Food Movement & Selling the Story of Our Farms by Mark Kastel