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All 2014 Lecture & Workshop CDs - Columbus, OH

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All lecture & workshop CDs from the Acres U.S.A. 2014 Eco-Ag Conference & Trade Show ─ Columbus, OH
December 4-6
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All 2014 Lecture & Workshop CDs (excludes pre-conference)

Thursday, December 4, 2014

  • Composting & Compost Utilization 101 by Edwin Blosser
  • Soil Life 101 by Jeff Lowenfels
  • Soil Fertility 101 by Joel Simmons
  • Grazing 101 by Will Winter
  • Keynote: Winners & Losers in an Acres U.S.A. Economy by Joel Salatin

  • Friday, December 5, 2014

    • Goat Milk Cheeses — Special Challenges & Unique Opportunities by Gianaclis Caldwell
    • Putting “Cow Signals” to Work on Your Farm by Dr. Hue Karreman
    • Fertility Problems Caused by Rain by Neal Kinsey
    • Diagnosing Soil Potential & Pasture Health — The Silica Story by Hugh Lovel
    • The Shocking New Science Behind GMOs & Herbicides by Don Huber, Ph.D.
    • CEC-Based Soil Fertility Program in New Zealand by Ron McLean
    • Long-Term Eco-Farming Trials — Biology Wins Every Time by Robert Plumb
    • Basics of Butchering & Opportunities for Farmers by Cole Ward
    • Establishing “Best Practices” for Farming — Ecological & Otherwise by Gary Zimmer
    • High-Stock-Density Grazing by Gabe Brown
    • Benefits of a Balanced, Biological Fertility System by Don Hart
    • Farm-Scale Non-Chemical Weed Control by Jeff Moyer
    • Successful Cattle Production by Walt Davis
    • A Fresh Look at Understanding Soil by Ellen Polishuk
    • Agroforestry & the Eco-Farmer by Mark Shepard
    • Water as It Relates to Use Efficiency, Soil Fertility & Crop Nutrition by Dr. Larry Zibilske
    • Keynote: Dirt for Brains – How Agriculture Depicts our Health, Intelligence & Future by Dr. Joseph Mercola

    • Saturday, December 6, 2014

      • The GAPS Diet, Healing the Gut, Healing Your Family by Karen Lyke
      • Building Soils with Cover Crops — The 5 Principles of Building Soils by Gabe Brown
      • Critical Growth Stages for Optimum Production by Noel Garcia, CCA
      • Botanical Medicine for Farm Animals by Dr. Hue Karreman
      • Managing Your Farm for Profitability by Ellen Polishuk
      • Once-a-Day Milking — Production, Profit & Quality Impacts by Gianaclis Caldwell
      • How Plants Eat — A Cosmic Confluence of Cell Biology, Chemistry & Botany by Jeff Lowenfels
      • No-Till Complications to Managing Fertility by CEC by Bill McKibben
      • Earthworm Power — Vermicompost & Vermicompost Teas in Agriculture by Dane Terrill
      • Advancements in Organic No-Till Farming by Jeff Moyer
      • Our Health & Our Wealth Start in the Soil by Ray Roettger
      • Keyline-Method Farm Water Management by Mark Shepard
      • Closing Keynote: Pesticides & Children’s Health by André Leu