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All 2015 Lecture & Workshop MP3s - Pittsburgh, PA

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All 2015 Lecture & Workshop MP3s - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
December 9-11

Delivered on USB drive or two data CDs.

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All 2015 Lecture & Workshop MP3s - USB Drive
All 2015 Lecture & Workshop MP3s - Data Discs
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All 2015 Lecture & Workshop MP3s - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Delivered on USB drive or two data CDs.

    WEDNESDAY, December 9, 2015
  • Keynote: Altered Genes, Twisted Truth by Steven Druker

    THURSDAY, December 10, 2015
  • Myths of Agriculture: Taking on Prevalent Misconceptions by Gary Zimmer
  • Our Landscapes, Our Livestock, Ourselves: Restoring Broken Linkages among Plants, Herbivores, and Humans with Diets that Nourish and Satiate by Fred Provenza, Ph.D.
  • Transitioning to Certified Organic by Jeff Moyer
  • Nourishing Traditional Diets: The Key to Vibrant Health by Sally Fallon Morell
  • Holistic Vet Care — Top Remedies Throughout the Year by Hue Karreman, V.M.D.
  • Poultry-Centered Regenerative Agriculture by Reginaldo Haslett-Marroquin
  • Reinventing Your Farm: Building a Better Farming System by Klaas Martens
  • Plant, Animals and Humans: Connecting the Dots of Life by Glen Rabenberg
  • Planned Grazing to Regenerate Ecosystem and Watershed Function . . . and Livelihoods by Richard Teague, Ph.D.
  • Optimizing Soil Fertility for Pastures Vitality and Productivity by Neal Kinsey
  • Organic Grains Workshop: Eating What You Grow by Mary-Howell Martens
  • Crop Nutrition’s Role in Disease and Insect Control: Silica and Beyond by Noel Garcia, CCA
  • Crops from Rocks by Dr. Peter van Straaten
  • How Non-Nourishing Foods Came to Be: Breaking the Chains by Karen Lyke
  • Keynote: So You Want to Be A Farmer? by Sally Fallon Morell

    FRIDAY, December 11, 2015
  • Understanding and Building True Soil Health by Jeff Moyer
  • Using the ‘Lean System’ to Earn a Comfortable Living on a Small Farm by Ben Hartman
  • Small-Scale Hop Growing: Opportunities and Advice by Laura Ten Eyck and Dietrich Gehring
  • Top Tips and Advice from a Lifetime of Consulting by Neal Kinsey
  • Sustainable Beekeeping: Raising Bees Without Chemicals by Perry and Beverly Riley
  • Multi-Species Grazing: Building Fertility Through Diversified Livestock by Forrest Pritchard
  • The Energetic Goat: Using Applied Kinesiology, Contact Reflex Analysis, and Dowsing for Your Herd’s Health by Carrie Eastman
  • Transforming Your Family’s Diet: Getting Your Family to Ditch the Drive-Thru and Eat Healthy, Farm-Fresh Food by Natalie Winch
  • Principles of Biological Systems, and Their Implications for Eco-Farmers by Dan Kittredge
  • Sulfur Nutrition of Crops: Vitally Needed But Often Overlooked by Larry Zibilske, Ph.D.
  • Growing Deep-Topsoil Watersheds Within a Decade by Abe Collins
  • Modern, Family Farm-Scale Pastured Pork Production by Ross Duffield
  • Boron, the Missing Mineral: Implications for Crops and Human Health by Dr. Richard Olree
  • Carbon-Smart Farming by David Yarrow
  • Grazing Woodlands: Effective, Profitable Silvopasturing by Mark Shepard
  • Tapping the Power of ‘Cow Signals’ for Herd Health and Productivity by Hue Karreman, V.M.D.
  • Humates and Humic Acid Products: The State of the Science by Lawrence Mayhew
  • Finding Specialty Crop Profit through Collaboration and Coordination by Jean Giblette
  • Closing Keynote: Growing Hope in Agriculture: A Sustainable Farming State-of-the-Union by Forrest Pritchard