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Best Books and Resources for Gardeners from Acres U.S.A.

Acres U.S.A. books work for gardeners too!

While much of Acres U.S.A.’s bookstore is designed for farmers and ranchers, gardeners can also enjoy our carefully vetted titles and free offerings to help them find and explore the world of soil health. Learn about soil biology, elemental chemistry and the soil-plant relationships to help ensure your garden produces nutrient-dense food and brilliant flowers. 

Here are a few recommendations we have in our store:

Free: New Farmer Appreciation Kit

For new farmers, gardeners, ranchers and more: get started with your understanding of eco-agriculture. Learn more here.

Free: Soil Educator Appreciation Kit

Free for club leaders, teachers and anyone who wants to learn more to teach others. Learn more here.

Free: Tractor Time Podcast

Our interviews with soil health experts, authors, scientists and advocates are good listening in the garden. You can find Tractor Time podcast on iTunes, Podbean, or wherever you get your podcasts. View and listen to our full list of episodes here.

Growing Life

In his newest book just out this fall of 2021, André Leu explains photosynthesis and soil biology under the umbrella of regenerative growing. Learn more here.

Grow Your Soil

In this incredibly useful book for gardeners, Diane Messler explains how to build soil health through management and measurement. With a foreword by Elaine Ingram, Messler will teach you how to harness the power of hte soil food web to create your best garden ever! Learn more here.

Soil Science for Gardeners

Robert Pavlis explains the elements of soil health: biology and chemistry for small plot growers. Learn more here.

Discover Even More

And that’s just the start! We have many more resources for growers of all levels. Check out our Gardening Collection, and shop for more books at