Acres U.S.A. News & Announcements

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Join us for a Free Webinar About Carbon & Soil

September 16, 2020
Soil expert Glen Rabenberg, founder and owner of Soil Works LLC, will present a FREE webinar on the net positive of carbon in your ecosystem. Sign up today!
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Book of the Week: The Non-Toxic Farming Handbook

September 15, 2020
Farmer's curse or a blessing in disguise? Philip Wheeler and Ronald Ward discuss the benefits of insects in farming.
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Acres U.S.A. to host Advancing Industrial Hemp event

September 14, 2020
While we had truly hoped that we would be able to hold an in-person event, the ongoing uncertainty around state openings and health guidelines for COVID-19 has changed those plans. In order to ensure that we still provide you with the very best education regarding growing industrial hemp, we will be hosting Advancing Industrial Hemp virtually on October 5th.
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Water for Any Farm Now Available as Audio Book

September 09, 2020
Water for Any Farm, the best-selling book from Mark Shepard out this year, is now available in audio book form.
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Book of the Week: Soil Fertility & Human & Animal Health, Vol. VIII

September 08, 2020
Dr. William Albrecht discusses the links between dental health and soil health in this excerpt.
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Webinar: Healthy Inside and Out?

September 04, 2020

Our next webinar in the Farm Innovator series will feature Laurie Prather from The Cracked Pot farm.

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Save $25 with Hemp Event Flash Sale!

September 02, 2020
From now through Midnight (U.S. MDT) on Thursday, Sept. 3get $25 off when you register for Advancing Industrial Hemp. 
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Book of the Week: The Myths of Safe Pesticides

September 01, 2020
André Leu discusses one of the myths promoted by pesticide companies: pesticides are safe because they biodegrade quickly.
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September 2020 Issue Now Available

August 31, 2020
The latest issue of Acres U.S.A. magazine, #591 in our series, is now available for subscribers and in our bookstore for $6.00. As a bonus with this issue, get a free 32-page Healthy Soils Problem Solving booklet.