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PRESS RELEASE – Acres U.S.A. to host Advancing Industrial Hemp event

March 11, 2020
Acres U.S.A. will host the Advancing Industrial Hemp event May 18-19 in Greeley, Colorado.
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Book of the Week: Backyard Poultry Naturally

March 10, 2020
Before you go out and buy your birds, it's important to have a plan in mind to house them and build a system that'll keep both you and the birds happy.
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Book of the Week: Talking Chicken

March 03, 2020
When it comes to poultry, a quality bird is hard to find but easy to identify. Just ask poultry guru, Kelly Klober.
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Go hog-wild with these reads for National Pig Day!

March 01, 2020
In honor of National Pig Day, we've put together a list of titles from some of the top pig experts around, complete with how-to guides for the ethical and humane raising and care of pigs in your operation.
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How to Get a Free Book at the March Book Fair Sale

March 01, 2020
Get a free book when you spend $75 or more at the Acres USA bookstore during our annual March Book Fair Sale! Find discounts on all items, including books, DVDs, audio lectures, t-shirts and more!
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Our March 2020 Issue is Now Available

February 29, 2020
Our themed articles include expert-written pieces about brooder operations, pricing poultry accurately, and tips on making the most out of your poultry operation.
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Book of the Week: A Farmer's Guide to the Bottom Line

February 25, 2020
What are some deterrents to creating a successful farming venture? Economic expert, Charles Walters, explains.
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Book of the Week: Honor System Marketing

February 18, 2020
Jeff Mcpherson explains the concept of honor system marketing and why it matters in this moving book excerpt!
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The Birds and the Bees (and the Bulls) Sale

February 14, 2020
Be sure to shop our The Birds and the Bees (and the Bulls) sale and get 20% or more off on some of our best books on livestock breeding best practices, genetics, and more!