Acres U.S.A. News & Announcements

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November Acres U.S.A. Equipment Issue is Now Available

October 29, 2020
Look for pieces by Dr. Vandana Shiva, Doug Fine, Jeff Moyer, Anneliese Abbott and an interview with Non-GMO Report's Ken Roseboro ... and more!
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Dr. Vandana Shiva, Dr. Rattan Lal to Speak on Eco-Ag Panel

October 28, 2020
We're excited to announce the first Keynote Panel of the 2020 Eco-Ag Conference & Trade Show, with a global focus on soil health. 
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Rethinking Food Waste Discussed at Acres U.S.A. Book Launch

October 28, 2020
“The problem has always been, we moved here expecting humans to create waste,” Author Gerry Gillespie, an Australian and recent cancer survivor, said. “We have to change that way of thinking.”
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Two New Books Available in eBook Format

October 23, 2020
Both My Farmer, My Customer, by Marty Travis, and The Waste Between Our Ears, by Gerry Gillespie, are now available in eBook form for $7.99 in the U.S. 
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Eco-Ag Conference & Trade Show Will Help Farmers Build Resilience After Challenging Year

October 22, 2020
This December 1-4, the 2020 Eco-Ag Conference & Trade Show will gather virtually to bring an audience practical, actionable solutions. Farmers, growers, ranchers and agriculture professionals are invited to attend to learn real soil management techniques and build resilience across the agriculture industry.
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Book of the Week: Four-Seasons Organic Cow Care

October 21, 2020
"A key point to keep in mind is that natural treatment of pneumonia using biological methods tends to take a little longer for the animals to normalize."
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Books to Celebrate National Apple Day!

October 20, 2020
Join us for the annual celebration of apples! From the origins to the practicalities of growing them, apples are an integral part of our world and deserved to be seen as such. Below, you can find five books to help you with your own apple-based endeavors. 
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3 Books for National Mushroom Day

October 15, 2020
National Mushroom Day is a celebration of all things fungi, and we're here with three great resources to learn more!
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Book of the Week: Ranching Full-Time on 3 Hours a Day

October 13, 2020
Author and rancher Cody Holmes describes his 10-step process for holistic pasture management, designed specifically for optimal profit.