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Book of the Week: Honor System Marketing

February 18, 2020
Jeff Mcpherson explains the concept of honor system marketing and why it matters in this moving book excerpt!
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The Birds and the Bees (and the Bulls) Sale

February 14, 2020
Be sure to shop our The Birds and the Bees (and the Bulls) sale and get 20% or more off on some of our best books on livestock breeding best practices, genetics, and more!
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Book of the Week: Raw Materials Economics

February 11, 2020
Learn about the concepts of income and production in this excerpt from economic genius, Charles Walters.
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Book of the Week: My Farmer, My Customer

February 05, 2020
Author and farmer Marty Travis explains how he's created a network of local farms that bring produce directly to restaurants, a system so unique, it's even been featured in documentaries!
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February 2020 Magazine Issue is Now Available

January 29, 2020
Our theme for February is Farm Management, and one of our most helpful. Our themed articles include expert-written pieces about water management techniques, bookkeeping, crop selection, soil health and much, much more. 
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Book of the Week: The Biological Farmer

January 28, 2020
How do you pick the right seeds for your farm? Do GMOs actually make a positive difference on your crops? Biological farmer and consultant Gary Zimmer weighs in in this excerpt.
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National Seed Swap Day Knowledge Exchange

January 25, 2020
Every year, the U.S. celebrates National Seed Swap day on the last Saturday of January. This year, in honor of the day and all it represents, we'd like to highlight some of our titles that encapsulate the spirit of this occasion.
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Book of the Week: From the Soil Up

January 21, 2020
Considered one of the first agronomists, soil expert Donald Schriefer discusses what he's learned about tillage, soil health, and crop yields in this fascinating excerpt.
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Books for Rebels – New Collection and Suggested Reading List

January 20, 2020
Check out our "Books for Rebels" collection! In it we've gathered books and audio on all diverse aspects of eco-agriculture from inspiring leaders, activists, thought-provokers and, dare we say, rebels who inspire us.