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Managing Pasture

Original Price: $29.95
Acres U.S.A. price (as of April 2019): $25.95 (save $4 and get it before it’s available on Amazon!)
Acres U.S.A. release date: NOW
Amazon release date: April 30

In Managing Pasture: A Complete Guide to Building Healthy Pasture for Grass-Based Meat & Dairy Animals, author Dave Strickler explains the importance of ecologically-focused land management when it comes to raising healthy livestock. 

Strickler delves into the biology and benefits of grazing plants, and different grazing strategies accompany detailed plans for paddock and fencing set-ups, livestock watering, and effective methods for dealing with common pasture problems throughout the seasons, from mud to drought. 

Praise for Managing Pasture:

“(Strickler’s) personal experience with what works and what doesn’t makes this a must-read for the range manager who wants to maximize profitability in a way that is best for the land and for the livestock.” — Bill Spiegel, Successful Farming

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The Humanure Handbook

Original Price: $25.00
Acres U.S.A. price (as of April 2019): $18.75 (save $6.25 and get it before it’s available on Amazon!)
Acres U.S.A. release date: NOW
Amazon release date: May 6

There’s no doubt that The Humanure Handbook: Sh** in a Nutshell is a unique book. This is the 4th edition of a self-published book that no respectable publisher would touch with a ten-foot shovel, except for Acres U.S.A.!

The previous editions won numerous awards, including the Independent Publisher Outstanding Book of the Year Award, deeming the book “Most Likely to Save the Planet.”

The author drew from 40 years of research, experience, and travel to create what has become an underground classic bestseller. There is no other book like this in print!

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