Wayne Tucker: Rebuilding the Soil MP3

Wayne Tucker


Wayne Tucker spoke at the 2009 Acres U.S.A. annual conference about innovations in eco-agriculture, including tips about how to rebuild soil naturally, and how to maintain plant health with an eye toward inoculants. Many farmers have years of damage they are trying to correct, and his methods have proven to get results in just four or five years.

Mr. Tucker has conducted extensive research and worked with many notable industry experts including James H. King, Jr.: BS, MA; Gerard O'Donovan, Professor and Former Chairman, Dept. of Biological Sciences, University of North Texas; Michael J. Reber, Park Services Manager, Town of Flower Mound, Texas; and Dr. Benny Bruton of the USDA Research Facility and Noel Garcia of Texas Plant and Soil Lab.

Mr. Tucker is a featured speaker, educator, and industry representative at trade events and state and national agricultural conferences and possesses a broad technical knowledge of microorganisms, enzymes, fungi, soil structure, and plant metabolism. He attended the University of Houston with an educational background in Chemistry and Pharmacy.

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