Alcohol Fuel

Richard Freudenberger

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Subtitled, Making and Using Ethanol as a Renewable Fuel, this book focuses on small-scale ethanol production and looks at the basic equipment needs, fermentation recipes and distillation designs that are needed for those wanting to make the switch from gasoline. Local production of ethanol from cooperative ventures in rural communities -- often using ‘waste’ feedstock just makes a lot more sense than the tropical rainforest clearing done by many large-scale alternative fuel producers. Alcohol Fuel is written for those wanting to produce a few gallons or ethanol per hour for themselves or 35 gallons or more per hour for a small community. In a practical way, it addresses what is needed, including the issues of permits, planning, budgets, sourcing feedstock, building distillation equipment, storage, safety and applications for converting vehicles, farm equipment and heating systems.

Copyright 2009, softcover, 256 pages.

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