The Farm as Ecosystem

Jerry Brunetti

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Nature is complex, elegant, and infinite in its wisdom. Farmers who are truly successful learn nature's many facets and her intricate dance; they crack the code of how to honor and feed this boundless natural system while coaxing the production needed for the survival of a modern farm. Natural product formulator and farm consultant Jerry Brunetti brings together a wealth of education and uncanny observations in this probing volume on the interconnected dynamics of the farm—geology, biology, and diversity of life. Learn to look at—and manage—your farm very differently by gaining a deeper understanding of the complementary roles of all facets of your farm. With this unique perspective, the author guides the reader on a journey through the modern farm as an ecosystem, providing intimate anecdotes and comprehensive details that appreciate all dimensions of the farm. Brunetti's work is invaluable to the contemporary farmer and to those seeking an original appraisal of farming and its future.        

Topics covered include:

• The physical, chemical and biological aspects of soil;

• Understanding compost and compost tea;

• Working with foliar nutrition;

• The roles of trace elements in farming;

• Water and your farm; and

• Cover cropping systems . . . and more.

The book eco-farmers everywhere have been waiting for is here.

Copyright 2013, softcover, 352 pages

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