Plowing With Pigs

Oscar H. Will III and Karen K Will

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Small Farm

Fueled by a failing economy and a desire for a return to simpler times, a new wave of homesteaders is seeking the good life, and the kind of true satisfaction that can only be built, not bought. Many of these modern pioneers are cash poor, but rich in energy and creativity. This book offers a set of fresh ideas for achieving independence through sweat equity and the use of unconventional resources.

This highly readable and entertaining guide brings together answers to common problems faced by homesteaders young and old, urban, suburban and rural. Traditional knowledge is combined with MacGyver-style ingenuity to create projects that maximize available resources, including: animal management strategies for the yard, garden, and field; pole building and construction techniques from woodlot materials; replacing farm machinery with homemade hand tools and implements; leveraging increased self-sufficiency into a home-based business. Whether you are a dreamer or a doer, Plowing with Pigs will inspire, challenge and enable you to do more with less (and have fun doing it).

Copyright 2013, softcover, 272 pages.

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