Salad Bar Beef

Joel Salatin

Editor's Pick

Creative alternatives for an industry in trouble. Joel Salatin’s “Salad Bar Beef” program is a proven prototype that can make a superb profit from a small cow herd regardless of the commodity price of calves. His innovative program offers hope to rural communities, to struggling row-crop farmers, and to frustrated beef eaters who do not want to encourage desertification, air and water pollution, environmental degradation and inhumane animal treatment.

Complete how-to guide for successfully, profitably entering the natural, grass-fed beef business. Anyone who has either heard Joel Salatin of Polyface Farm speak or seen his operation can vouch for the fact that he knows his subject, is a true innovator, and is willing to teach it all — nothing held back — for those willing to learn.

Copyright 1995, softcover, 368 pages.

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