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Education – and farming – do not exist in a vacuum. Community is an integral part of the practice of eco-agriculture, and part of what makes AcresUSA events so valuable. Here are a few great ways that you can connect with your fellow eco-farmers, ranchers and growers both in person and online. 

Join The Community

Join our new farmers forum community and connect with like-minded individuals to share insights, knowledge, and best practices. Whether you’re a seasoned farmer or just starting out, our community is the perfect place to network and grow your skills.

  • Connect with other farmers in your area.
  • Access the Colorado Soil Health Primers.
  • Post questions and get answers from the community.
  • …and more on resources coming soon!
join the acres usa community

AcresUSA Events

AcresUSA annual events are the perfect places for like-minded farmers to meet up! The Eco-Ag Conference & Trade Show in particular is a time-honored connection point for many. Be sure to check out: 

collage of people meeting at Acres USA events
images of people connected

Social Media

Social media platforms are a great way for farmers to connect with each other online. These platforms transcend the boundaries of distance and allow for the sharing of ideas and messages. Follow @AcresUSA and chat with other farmers on: 

Stay Informed

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