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Deep Discounts on Farming Books and More!

This month, we’re cleaning out our warehouse, which means we’re putting deep discounts on two of our popular book collections at the Acres U.S.A. Bookstore!

What types of books are you seeking to learn more about farming, ranching, gardening or growing? Our books cover all these topics and more – be sure to check out our options while the prices are good! The Warehouse Cleaning discounts will last only through next Friday, June 17, and some only have limited copies, so don’t wait too long!

50% off select Acres U.S.A. Published Books

Get half off of select books published by Acres U.S.A.! That includes classics by William Albrecht and Charles Walters, as well as new books from André Leu and Gerry Gillespie. Check out the Acres U.S.A. Published collection here, or try a few of those below to get started:

Humusphere by Herwig Pommeresche

In this breakthrough work — now available in English for the first time — the independent German-Norwegian explorer of soil life, graduate permaculture designer and graduate engineer Herwig Pommeresche shares his lifetime of research into humus.

His entire career has focused on the theory and practice of humus management in gardening and farming. Digging deep into a myriad of little-known research papers, he compares their findings with the usual conventional methods. Learn more here.

The Choice is Clear by Dr. Allen E. Banik

The most readable booklet on water ever published. Learn what is really in your water and why it is important to your health and longevity. Learn more here.

Small Farms are Real Farms by John Ikerd

In this collection of essays by one of America’s most eloquent and influential proponents of sustainable agriculture, the multifaceted case for small farms is built using logic and facts. Learn more here.

Deep Discounts on Discontinued Books

Our deepest discounts of the Warehouse Cleaning sale are to be found in our Discontinued Books Collection. Move fast – there are only a limited number of many books in this collection! Browse the full collection here, plus here are a few interesting titles to get you started:

Simple Green Pest and Disease Control by Bob Flowerdew

A master at growing organic produce, Flowerdew outlines the best natural methods, from building effective physical barriers and pest traps out of plants and recycled materials to using such natural pest predators as birds, reptiles, and even other bugs. Learn more here.

Surviving Ourselves by Eric Herm

Through his own personal experiences, as well as the inspiring stories of others, this fourth-generation farmer relays a message of revolution and evolution that starts within ourselves. The resulting transition will help humanity adopt a more sustainable paradigm of existence. Learn more here.

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