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Dr. David Johnson & Hui-Chun Su Johnson

David C Johnson, PhD, and his wife, Hui-Chun Su Johnson, are the co-creators of the Johnson/Su Compost BioReactor.

Dr. David C. Johnson is a molecular biologist. He retired from New Mexico State University in 2023. He had collaborated with: Arizona State University, Texas A&M, USDA’s Natural Resources Conservation Service. He is continuing his research working with private foundations and growers exploring paths to improve food security, reduce atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations, and increase productivity and profitability through the development of beneficial soil microbial communities in farm and rangeland soils. David’s current research, in soil microbial community structure and function, has opened a window for viewing the interdependence between plants and soil microbes towards improving plant growth and soil fertility. Optimization of these plant-microbe associations promotes: improved soil fertility, faster growth of crops, improved plant water use efficiencies, and greater soil carbon storage capabilities. These benefits provide a path to significantly increase crop productivity and reduce greenhouse gases within a regenerative agricultural system.