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Ehrenfried Pfeiffer Himself (Audio CDs)

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Dr. Ehrenfried E. Pfeiffer
Lessons on proteins, digestion, nutrition.
Item # 6385
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A collection of rare audio recordings in Dr. Pfeiffer’s own voice teaching timeless lessons on human nutrition, digestion and metabolism, as well as the connection between human health, fertilizers and the soil. Pfeiffer is one of the fathers of ecological agriculture and an early visionary regarding the value of life in the soil. He was the spearhead figure for biodynamic food production in the United States and his message annihilates many conventional wisdoms, then and now. His findings show that most protein sources, especially grains, are deficient, and the toxic condition that results from over-eating can be remedied with natural foods. Acres U.S.A. has uncovered over 9 hours of Pfeiffer’s eternally important messages, originally recorded in 1957-1960, digitally restored and preserved them along with commentary penned by Charles Walters – now available on audio CDs. 8 audio CDs (and MP3 format disk) in shelf binder. Historic recordings.