2020 Healthy Soil Summit

August 25, 2020 9:00 am - August 26, 2020 4:12 pm MT | Virtual Event

This event concluded August 26th, 2020.

Date of event: Aug 25, 2020 at 9:00 AM to Aug 26, 2020 at 12:30 PM MST


The annual Healthy Soil Summit is built for farmers searching for an advantage in today’s marketplace. Our instructors are real farmers who practice what they teach, from tactics to build soil resilience, increase water storage capacity and decrease costly inputs and programs. Build an ROI for every action on your farm with our event tailored specifically for large-scale, commercial agriculture professionals.


Day One – Aug. 25

  • Carbon as a Net Positive in Your Eco-System (Glen Rabenberg, Soil Works LLC)
  • Turning Your Soil On (Nicole Masters, Integrity Soils)
  • Keynote: Building an Operation Around Healthy Soil (Klaas Martens, Lakeview Organic Grain)
  • Soil Innovation Hour – Ask the Experts

Day Two – Aug. 26

  • Growing a Living Soil (Michael Phillips, Lost Nation Orchard)
  • The Value and Practice of Integrating Animals into Your Operation (Spencer Smith, Springs Ranch)
  • Farmer Panel: Marking Soil Work for Your Farm (Mimi Casteel, Eola-Amity Hills; Ryan Fillmore, Fillmore Farms; Joe Schirmer, Dirty Girl Produce; moderated by Ben Trollinger)


Keynote: Klaas Martens

Klaas Martens grew up farming intensively with chemicals; now he and his wife Mary-Howell raise more than 900 acres of organic mixed grains in the Finger Lakes region of western New York. In addition to their farm, they operate an organic grain mill. The Martens are innovators in the control of weeds through mechanical means and good farm management and in obtaining optimal crop health and yield through soil fertility management.

Mimi Casteel

Mimi Casteel is a wine maker in Oregon’s Eola-Amity Hills. At Hope Well Vineyard, Casteel is blazing her own trail and fast becoming one of the leading voices in the regenerative agriculture movement. Mimi is an expert not just of wine, but agriculture and land use in general. Her beyond-organic farm is singular within the American wine world. It’s a dynamic ecosystem that incorporates livestock, welcomes in wild animals, eschews industrial inputs and produces prized pinot noirs. And for this work, Mimi was recently named the Wine Person of the Year by Imbibe Magazine.

Nicole Masters

Nicole Masters is an independent agroecologist, systems thinker, author and educator. She has a formal background in ecology, soil science and organizational learning. She has been providing agricultural consulting and extension services since 2003. Nicole is recognized as a knowledgeable and dynamic speaker on the topic of soil health. Her team of soil coaches at Integrity Soils work alongside producers in the U.S., Canada and across Australasia. Supporting producers who work with over 1.1 million acres to take their operations to the next level in nutrient density, profitability and environmental outcomes.

Nicole Masters is one of a growing number of people who are facilitating a rapidly expanding world of quality food production and biological economies. Her book titled “For the Love of Soil” showcases examples of the tools and principles producers are using to regenerate their soils. Describing a step-by-step triage of actions, so that you too can regenerate your land. www.integritysoils.co.nz

Michael Phillips

Michael Phillips is renowned for helping people grow healthy fruit using herbal protocols. The “community orchard movement” that he helped found at www.GrowOrganicApples.com provides a full immersion into the holistic approach to orcharding. His Lost Nation Orchard is part of a medicinal herb farm in northern New Hampshire. He is the author of The Apple GrowerThe Holistic Orchard which received Garden Book of the Year honors from the American Horticultural Society, and Mycorrhizal Planet: How Symbiotic Fungi Work with Roots to Support Plant Health and Build Soil Fertility. His work has been compared with Sir Albert Howard and J.I. Rodale»s classic books on organic gardening.

Glen Rabenberg

Glen Rabenberg is founder and owner of Soil Works LLC. Glen holds a B.S. in Animal Science, General Agriculture and Agriculture Economics from South Dakota State University. When Glen worked for Walco International as an Animal Science Technical Advisor, he saw that many diseases were the result of nutritional deficiencies from poor grains and forage. Now, Glen brings his knowledge of animal science and applies it to the soil. He still maintains his third-generation farm in Bancroft, South Dakota.

Spencer Smith

Spencer Smith is owner and operator of the Jefferson Center for Holistic Management with his wife, Abbey. He is an accredited Savory Field Professional. He travels throughout Northern California and Nevada (and as needed to other regions) conducting Holistic Management workshops, courses, events and consultations. He is also a contributor to Acres U.S.A. magazine.
With a bachelor’s degree in agribusiness from CSU,Chico and experience managing cow-calf and yearling herds in Northern California and Nevada, Spencer brings years of ranch management experience to the business. He manages Springs Ranch in Fort Bidwell, California. Formerly he managed the cattle on the DS Ranch in Sierra Valley, Calif. as well as about 600,000 acres of grazing allotment north of Reno, Nevada. His joy in life is being the dad of Miss Maezy Smith and Mr. Samuel Smith, and spending time hunting, hiking and Dutch-oven cooking with his family.

Ryan Fillmore

VP Operations, Fillmore Farms, Inc.

Ryan Fillmore is a fourth generation farmer from Gridley, California. He and his family have been farming some of the same land since 1917 with a wide variety of tree and open field crops. Currently their operations are focused on about 250 acres of organic walnuts. Following in his father Gerald’s footsteps, he has a strong interest in fostering a healthy environment for food to grow. This includes abstaining from using many chemicals harmful to humans and the environment but also includes building up the soil, trees and fruit through soil amendments, foliar feeding, and fertigation. Finding the correct balance of soil chemical, mechanical and biological composition for long term, sustainable productivity of an organic farm is the main goal of his farming activities. Having an operating, productive, sustainable farm to pass on to the next generation would mark successful achievement of that goal.


Re-live the 2020 Healthy Soil Summit from your own home office! The replay includes all presentations, plus question-and-answer sessions.

Learn more and buy the replay here: https://learn.acresusa.com/courses/2020-healthy-soil-summit-replay

Bonus Content

Surrounding the 2020 Healthy Soil Summit, we released two free webinars, put together with our partners Live Earth Products and Soil Works LLC, to further discuss soil and soil health. You can view them for free here or on the Acres U.S.A. YouTube channel.

Healthy Soil Problem Solving Webinar: Humic Acid

Healthy Soil Problem Solving Webinar: Carbon & Soil