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2014 Acres U.S.A. Conference ─ Speakers

Every year at the Acres U.S.A. Conference we assemble a world-class panel of authorities, consultants, and farmers/ranchers as presenters. This annual gathering of the best of the best is of particular benefit to attendees of the tremendous access offered via lectures, in-depth workshops and small-group question sessions. Attendees truly get the opportunity to “pick the brains” of these innovators and thought leaders.

  • 2014 Acres U.S.A. Conference
    Make your plans now . . .
    Dec. 3-6, 2014 | Columbus, Ohio
  • Keynoter ─ Joel Salatin
    Keynoter ─ Joel Salatin
    Farmer, author
  • Keynoter ─ Dr. Joseph Mercola
    Keynoter ─ Dr. Joseph Mercola
    Bestselling author, health authority
  • Keynoter ─ André Leu
    Keynoter ─ André Leu
    President IFOAM, farmer, author
  • Compost and great soil.
    Edwin Blosser
    Composting, soils consultant
  • Hilary Boynton
    Hilary Boynton
    Nutritionist, author
  • Mary Brackett
    Mary Brackett
    Nutritionist, author
  • Gabe Brown
    Gabe Brown
    North Dakota farmer
  • Gianaclis Caldwell
    Gianaclis Caldwell
    Farmer, cheesemaker, author
  • Walt Davis
    Walt Davis
    Rancher, author, consultant
  • Ross Duffield
    Farm manager, Rodale Institute
  • Noel Garcia, CCA
    Noel Garcia, CCA
    Soil & crop adviser
  • Don Hart
    Don Hart
    New Zealand soil fertility consultant
  • Don Huber, Ph.D.
    Don Huber, Ph.D.
    Researcher, author
  • Dr. Hue Karreman
    Dr. Hue Karreman
    Holistic veterinarian, author
  • Neal Kinsey
    Neal Kinsey
    Soil fertility consultant, author
  • Hugh Lovel
    Hugh Lovel
    Soil & crop consultant, author
  • Jeff Lowenfels
    Jeff Lowenfels
    Organiculture authority, writer
  • Bill McKibben
    Bill “Crop Doc” McKibben
    Soil fertility, crop and turf consultant
  • Ron McLean
    Ron McLean
    New Zealand-based consultant
  • Joe Miazgowicz
    Joe Miazgowicz
    Compost & soil life consultant
  • Jeff Moyer
    Jeff Moyer
    Organic farmer, researcher, author
  • Robert Plumb
    Robert Plumb
    U.K.-based crop & soil consultant
  • Ellen Polishuk
    Ellen Polishuk
    Consultant, farmer, CSA manager
  • Ray Roettger
    Ray Roettger
    Soil & crop consultant
  • Mark Shepard
    Mark Shepard
    Farmer, author, consultant
  • Joel Simmons
    Joel Simmons
    Soil fertility & turf consultant
  • Mark Smallwood
    Mark Smallwood
    Executive director, Rodale Institute
  • Dane Terrill
    Dane Terrill
    Soil biology consultant
  • Cole Ward
    Cole Ward
    Master butcher, author
  • Dr. Phil Wheeler
    Dr. Phil Wheeler
    Crop & soil consultant, author
  • Will Winter, D.V.M.
    Will Winter, D.V.M.
    Grazing consultant
  • Dr. Larry Zibilske
    Dr. Larry Zibilske
    Soil microbiologist
  • Gary Zimmer
    Gary Zimmer
    Farmer, consultant, author