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What People Are Saying

For more than 40 years this annual conference has changed lives, improved farming practices, and served up a lot of fun.


Here are some comments from previous attendees . . .


"The Acres U.S.A. annual conference is something special, a gemstone. You carry the exhilarating memories the rest of your life."
— R.H., Twello, The Netherlands


"Great learning experience. It definitely helped energize us."
— A.K., Lakewood, Ohio


"The Acres U.S.A. conference has been a huge influence on my outlook in farming."
— D.S., Orrville, Ohio


"2017 was the best ACRES conference to date!!! It was the "Year of the Woman" in my opinion. The powerful women speakers were just amazing. Very powerful conference! Love the mix of health, & agriculture!”
— M.S., Third Lake, Illinois


"Thank you all for the education you are presenting in your work. There is no other such source!"
— N.B., Jordan, Arkansas


"I feel energized and inspired for spring to come . . . felt a strong sense of kinship amongst like-minded farmers. Loved it!"
— M.K., Alberta, Canada


"The one-on-one was very educational and interesting. Hearing from other farmers was beneficial."
— K.J., Yakima, Washington