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Savory |
The Savory Institute facilitates large-scale restoration of the world’s grasslands through Holistic Management. Our strategy is three-fold: we demonstrate our results in diverse contexts; we equip and empower people and share our experiences in learning and achieving success; and we create market-based incentives to encourage managing holistically to create environmental, economic, and social benefits.
Through the Savory’s global network of Hubs, we empower farmers and ranchers around the world with education, training, and implementation support to achieve success within cultural and ecological contexts. Savory Institute creates enhanced conditions for large-scale progress by informing policy, engaging the marketplace, and increasing public awareness. Savory’s long-term goal is to regenerate 1 billion hectares of grasslands by 2025, thereby contributing to global climate, water, and food security.


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Organic Gem/Great Western Sales | | Phone: 877-323-3003
Organic Gem - Totally enzymatic digestion, FDA inspected facility, stabilized with food-grade phosphoric acid. No clogging, multiple screenings to 150 microns, quality control is unsurpassed, most bio-active premium fish fertilizer available. Use with confidence on all crops. Booth #601


SQM | | Phone: 770-916-9422
SQM Organic produces and markets high quality organic fertilizers accompanied by expert technical support. SQM Organic has more than 35 years of worldwide experience in the plant nutrition market and some SQM fertilizers have been used in some countries for more than 100 years. Allganic Nitrogen, Allganic SOP, Allganic Macro 60. Booth #709


Texas Plant & Soil Lab | | Phone: 956-383-0739
Providing real field-proven solutions for extraordinary crop performance and difficult field problems with Plant Natural Soil Tests, Ask the Plant Sap and Tissue Tests, and Irrigation Water Quality Management answers for Sustainable and Organic Growers since 1938. Booth #301


The Andersons | | Phone: 419-893-5050
The Andersons offer a robust organic portfolio including nutrients, grain marketing and transition consulting. Whether your operation is organic certified, in transition, or if you are considering transitioning, we can create a program that fits your needs.


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Agri-Dynamics | | Phone: 610-250-9280
Remedies for dairy animals, free-choice minerals for grazing livestock including horses, and liquid nutritional products for all crops, including fruit, vegetables, row crops and pastures. Products provided through distributors and compliment a whole system approach where nature is the greatest teacher and example.Booth #315


Farm Power Implements | | Phone: 815-308-5740
Farm Power Implements is the premium distributor of Einbock tillage equipment throughout the USA. Our commitment is to creating successful long term partnerships with our customers. Our teams sole focus is on your success #forwardthinking.Booth #413


Pacific Gro | | Phone: 503-867-4849
Pacific Gro produces Seafood for the Soil on the Washington coast. Salmon, shrimp and crab shell from the north Pacific Ocean are enzymatically digested into a 150 mesh fine hydrolysate that provides highly plant-available calcium and 13% fish oil.Booth #510


Soil Works LLC | | Phone: 605-260-0784
Genesis Soil Rite Calcium is a proprietary blend of limestone and all natural minerals, herbs, and spices for your soil. Booth #402


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Bay Shore Sales, LLC | | Phone: 989-659-2298
Bay Shore Sales offers many options that are aimed for transitional and organic farming. We have Hatzenbichler tillage equipment, organic, untreated non-GMO crop inputs along with contracting of production with Everbest Organics. As organic farmers and procesors of the dry bean and food grade soybeans, we can relate and help the farmer grow. Booth #513


Midwestern BioAg Inc. | | Phone: 800-327-6012
Midwestern BioAg helps organic and conventional growers improve the quality and quantity of food and forage. With carbon-based fertilizers and soil treatments, we engage soil microbes to build soil health and optimize plant quality and resilience. Booth #501


Neptune’s Harvest | | Phone: 978-281-1414
Cold processed Hydrolized Fish, Seaweed, Crab Shell and Blends from the North Atlantic Ocean. Also offering Humates, Calcium, Biological products, insect and animal repellents and more. Free samples will be available at our booth. Stop by for show specials. Booth #401


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Blue River Organic Seed |

Dedicated to offering a complete product line-up of Certified-Organic and Non-GMO seed varieties for Corn, PuraMaize, Alfalfa, Forage Sorghum, Grain Sorghum, Sorghum Sudangrass (BMR), Red Clover & Sunflower. Our varieties are evaluated for characteristics that bring value to organic farming systems. Booth #502



BRANDT ® | | Phone: 800-300-6559

BRANDT ® is dedicated to bringing new sustainable crop protection, nutrient and adjuvant technologies to the agriculture industry. It has one of the largest sustainable product portfolios available today, with over 70 OMRI listed products. Booth #311




Countryside Network |
Everyone on the Countryside team believes that tending our gardens, managing our homesteads, raising our livestock and poultry humanely, eating whole food and living sustainably are all worthy pursuits. We are committed to helping anyone learn how to live simply by providing the information you seek quickly and easily — so that you can spend more of your time doing what you love.


Everbest Organics |

Everbest Organics receives and processes 11 different Organic Dry Bean and Soybean varieties in excess of 17,000 tons annually from growers in more than 15 continental states. Booth #516


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Tainio Biologicals, Inc. | | Phone: 509-747-5471
For over 30 years, Tainio Biologicals, Inc. has been a pioneer in sustainable, biological agriculture. With solutions for farmers, gardeners, and product formulators alike, Tainio’s agricultural inoculants help restore balance to microbial populations in the soil for high-yield, nutritionally-balanced crops. Booth #302


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Chelsea Green Publishing |
Founded in 1984 and based in White River Junction, VT, Chelsea Green Publishing is recognized as a leading publisher of books on the politics and practice of sustainable living, publishing authors who bring in-depth, practical knowledge to life, and give readers hands-on information related to organic farming and gardening, ecology and the environment, healthy food, sustainable economics, progressive politics, and, most recently, integrative health and wellness. In 2012, Chelsea Green became employee-owned. Booth #206


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Ecological Laboratories | | Phone: 239-573-6650
The Quantum Growth Series replaces the natural soil microorganisms that are depleted through fumigation, tilling, harvesting and/or overuse of chemical controls. It is the only biological product on the market that is shelf stable, contains photosynthetic and other vegetative cultures and does not use growth inhibitors. There is no other product available that meets these criteria. Booth #202


Green Field Farms | | Phone: 330-263-0246
Green Field Farms is a marketing co-op comprised of small family farms. We market fresh organic produce, eggs, milk, maple products, and sauerkraut. We offer a complete soil amendment program to help growers produce the most wholesome food possible. Booth #217



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