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2017 Polyface Farm's Intensive Discovery Seminars


This is your chance to learn sustainable farming from Joel Salatin and his family at the Polyface Farm’s Intensive Discovery Seminars!

Every year the Salatin family and staff at Polyface Farm offer a series of two-day, six-meal (it's worth coming just for the food) seminars limited to 30 people for hard-core how-to instruction. What most outfits would spread over a four-day seminar, Polyface Farm packs into two long days ─ hence, the word "intensive".

From processing chickens and rabbits to moving cattle, electric fencing, pasturing pigs and sawmilling,Joel and the staff pack as much into these two long days as possible. The goal is to present every enterprise, touch all aspects of the farm — including marketing and internships — and leave folks' heads spinning with new ideas. The itinerary is designed to make every minute count. The Salatin family and staff eat with attendees during the meals in order to facilitate questions and discussions. This is an unmatched opportunity for learning.

The wide-ranging instruction includes rental farms, mob-stocking pasture management, poultry, financial analysis and all the nitty-gritty details in one place. Few farms in the world have been at it long enough to amass the level of mistakes and experience as Polyface Farm. Learn from it and thrive. Come for two days and leave years ahead!

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Polyface Intensive Discovery Seminar

Polyface Intensive Discovery Seminar

Polyface Intensive Discovery Seminar

Polyface Intensive Discovery Seminar