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Learn firsthand about grass-fed beef, pastured poultry and pork, pastured rabbits, ponds & irrigation, scaling up production, on-farm processing, marketing and more!



7 a.m. — Arrive, registration, breakfast, introductions.

On-farm intensive sessions.

12 noon — Lunch

On-farm intensive sessions.

6 p.m. — Supper

7 p.m. — Relationship marketing.

9 p.m. — Adjourn and sleep.



7 a.m. — Breakfast

On-farm intensive sessions.

Noon — Lunch

On-farm intensive sessions.

6 p.m. — Supper

7 p.m. — Warm fuzzies and benediction. Usually finished by 8 p.m.



Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if it rains?

The event proceeds rain or shine. If rain seems likely, bring appropriate rainwear.

What should I wear?

It can be dry, hot and sunny in the Shenendoah Valley in July, so bring a sunhat and wear comfortable shoes. We'll be hiking around a good bit of Polyface's acreage.

Can I bring my child?

No. Children may disrupt attendees who have traveled far to learn at this event. Also, as the entire farm staff is focused on teaching, having your children or family members wander the farm isn't safe or allowed. There are many things to do in the region, however.

Can I camp on the property?

No, there are several very nice campgrounds in the area for those who want to camp. See the Lodging link on this website for camping and accommodation details. Polyface Farm is not set up to handle camping.

What is the closest local airport? What is the nearest big airport? How far away are they?

The closest airport is Shenandoah Valley; with Charlottesville the next closest. Roanoke and Dulles are the larger airports within a reasonable (two- to three-hour or so) drive. Charlottesville Virginia Airport is big enough to accommodate almost every major airline. It is only one hour away. Shenandoah Valley Regional Airport is only 40 minutes away, but only has United Airlines service three times a day from Dulles Airport. Richmond Virginia Airport is two hours away. Roanoke Airport is 90 minutes away and Dulles Airport 2.5 to 3 hours away (depending on traffic).

What if I have to cancel?

Please call Acres U.S.A. immediately at 1-800-355-5313 or email orders@acresusa.comWe will issue a $500 refund for cancellations received more than 30 days prior to the event. For cancellations 30 days or less before the event, we will issue a $450 credit to be applied to your Acres U.S.A. account for use on subscriptions, books and videos, audio CDs or future event fees. Sorry, no cash or credit card refunds except as detailed above. Reservations cannot be held and must be paid in full at the time of booking.

Can I transfer my registration if I can't make it?

If it is more than a week before, call the Acres U.S.A. office. If it is closer, have that person claim your registration and we'll make a new badge on-site.

I have other questions. Who do I call?

Please call Acres U.S.A. at 1-800-355-5313 or email Do not call Polyface Farm. They're too busy farming and preparing for your arrival to sit by the phone. We've worked with Joel for many years and either know the answer to your question or will find out for you.

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What is Polyface Farms?


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  • Pastured Poultry Profits

    Joel Salatin of Polyface Farm defines a proven production model which is capable of producing an income from a small acreage equal or superior to that of most off-farm jobs.  Learn More

  • The Polyface Farm DVD

    A comprehensive look at Joel Salatin’s Polyface Farm in 2001, this video features one of the world’s finest working examples of an environmentally friendly family farm.  Learn More

  • Fields of Farmers

    Our culture desperately needs a generational transfer of millions of farm acres facing abandonment, development, or amalgamation into ever-larger holdings. Based on his decades of experience with interns and multigenerational partnerships at Polyface Farm, farmer and author Joel Salatin digs deep into the problems and solutions surrounding this land- and knowledge-transfer crisis. Learn More

  • The Salatin Semester DVD & Book Set

    The Salatin Semester - complete details

    Would you like to get the inside scoop on rebooting your farm into a diversified moneymaker?

    A Complete Home Study Course in Polyface-Style Diversified Farming by Joel Salatin with Daniel Salatin and the Eco-Farmers’ Forum

    18 hours of video on 12 DVDs | 6 hours of audio Q&A | Digital slideshow farm tour | 256-page guidebook | Hardboard shelf box/binder

    Here Joel Salatin shares decades of hard-learned lessons and advice. Learn about:

    • Pastured broilers
    • Pastured layers (feathernets & eggmobiles) 
    • Salad bar beef
    • Pigaerator pork
    • Irrigation & fencing
    • On-farm processing
    • Relationship marketing
    • Multi-use infrastructure
    • Ideal farm layout
    • Leasing farms & adding subcontractors

    More details below!

    Learn the practical details behind the day-to-day running of Polyface Farm.

    Learn More

    Starting at: $219.00

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