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Farming with Native Beneficial Insects

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The Xerces Society
Farming with Native Beneficial Insects examines the role of insects in farming by focusing on beneficial insects that promote healthy crops and inhibit the spread of unwanted pests. This guidebook from the Xerces Society offers strategies for utilizing beneficial insects for improved crop yields without the use of insecticides and other pesticides.
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This comprehensive guide shows you how to create a farm or garden habitat that will attract beneficial insects and thereby reduce crop damage from pests without the use of pesticides. Four experts from the Xerces Society, a world leader in conservation and environmental issues, discuss the ecology of native beneficial insects and show how you can conserve their presence on your land through conservation biocontrol — recognizing these insects and their habitat, reducing pesticide use, protecting existing habitat, and providing new habitat. Specific solutions and strategies include creating native plant field borders, mass insectary plantings, hedgerows, cover crops, buffer strips, beetle banks, and brush piles. Step-by-step illustrated instructions for these projects and more are accompanied by stunning full-color photography. Copyright 2014, softcover, 272 pages


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