Dr. Paul Dettloff is a leading expert in the area of holistic veterinary care, and he will be leading one of our in-depth Eco-Ag U workshops at this year’s Eco-Ag Conference & Trade Show in Minneapolis, Minnesota. 

These intensive, all-day advanced learning workshops will take place Dec. 9-10, before the Eco-Ag Conference & Trade Show, Dec. 10-12, and are designed to provide sophisticated, applicable information to attendees. 

All attendees of Dr. Dettloff’s workshop will receive a FREE copy of his newest book, Dr. Paul Dettloff’s Complete Guide to Raising Animals Organically.

Learn how to raise animals organically

Dr. Dettloff’s Eco-Ag U workshop, “Raising Animals Organically,” will take place on Monday, Dec. 9, from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Session Description: Dr. Dettloff will expand on his book, teaching systems for managing all ruminant animals holistically and without dangerous toxins or unnecessary antibiotics or medicine.

His lessons are guaranteed to be a breath of fresh air for an industry challenged by too much overhead and animal mistreatment.

How farmers treat animals is more important to consumers than ever before, so this session will give farmers and ranchers the tools to ensure they can compete in this new and exploding holistic livestock market.

Eco-Ag U workshops have limited seating available – register now to guarantee a place in this valuable class!

 Can’t make Eco-Ag U workshops? Attend Dr. Dettloff’s conference session

In addition to his Eco-Ag U workshop, Dr. Paul Dettloff will present a session as part of the general Eco-Ag Conference curriculum.

Diversifying Dairy with A2A2 Milk (Dec. 11)

The dairy market is being disrupted, and many are either going out of business or struggling to find a way back to their traditional success. Dr. Paul Dettloff has some ideas for these dairy farmers, and will lead a workshop about new opportunities in the A2A2 milk market in Asia and Europe. He’ll tell the story of A2A2 milk, what it is and the genetics behind it, who the major players are in consumption worldwide and what this can mean for your operation.

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More from Dr. Dettloff

Dr. Dettloff is an international authority on the natural farming and consults and lectures widely. He is the author of two books:

 Also – Listen to this Tractor Time podcast episode on Dr. Dettloff, featuring his 2007 talk, “Enhancing Vet Tools.” It’s a fascinating story Dr. Paul weaves around his career as a veterinarian, and how he discovered organic along the way, and helped champion the growth and rebirth of old veterinary tools so important to sustainable and organic farmers. Listen here.