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Gus Plamann

Gus Plamann is a technical agronomist for Biome Makers, a global ag tech company on a mission to empower farmers and improve soil health worldwide. Biome Makers has pioneered soil biology testing technology that leverages a combination of microbial genomics and machine learning to provide insights on soil biological functions relevant to agriculture. Gus interprets biological soil test results and educates clients to help them optimize regenerative management practices and better understand how ag inputs impact soil health.

After beginning his career in natural resource management, Gus found himself drawn to agriculture by the industry’s unique intersection between natural ecology, human health, and sociology. Prior to joining Biome Makers, he obtained his MS in Agriculture and Environmental Science from University of Texas – Rio Grande Valley and worked as a laboratory manager at the University of Florida supporting organic and integrated specialty crop research.

With family roots in the Midwest farming community and an upbringing steeped in lessons from mother nature, Gus enjoys studying the connections between agronomy and natural ecology.  He aspires to help agricultural professionals develop an ecological lens and build systems-based crop systems that sustain productive yields in harmony with natural processes.